How to assemble the built-in dishwasher

How to assemble the built-in dishwasher

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How to assemble the built-in dishwasher: step-by-step instructions for themounting the built-in dishwasher. The instructions are universal and useful for any model of dishwasher to be built under the kitchen. Illustrated guide and video tutorial.

There dishwasher it is a very useful appliance: with the new energy classes it allows you to wash dishes saving water and time. For thedishwasher installationit is possible to act in full autonomy both on the hydraulic and on the mechanical level. Of course, the water system must already be prepared for installation, while the drain must be connected to that of the sink with the appropriate fitting.

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Themounting the dishwasherit is simple but it is good to proceed with caution and respecting all the good rules that we will see.

How to assemble the built-in dishwasher

First, remove the dishwasher from the box. You will notice that this rests on the ground without "feet". Know that the "dishwasher feet" are there but you have to adjust them yourself.

Before taking out the feet, insert the dishwasher into its recess.

Investigate the bottom and front of the dishwasher, locate the two feet and turn with your hands until they are completely removed. In the central area there should be a screw. With a manual or electric screwdriver (to be used at very low intensity) turn until the third foot also appears, bringing the dishwasher to the surface.

Without its feet, in fact, the dishwasher is several centimeters lower than the worktop and its built-in niche.

The most delicate part is that of fixing. Screws are supplied with the dishwasher. before using those supplied, however, make sure they are compatible with your worktop (thickness, material, strength ...). If the screws are suitable, fix them or purchase more suitable screws.

The screws secure the top of the dishwasher to the top of your worktop. This represents the only true anchorage to the worktop, so it is important to screw them all the way down.

All dishwashers, in addition to fixingtop-top, they bring a lateral fixing but we will deal with this at the end. The fixing points of the dishwasher are generally indicated in the product booklet.

After fixing the dishwasher, you will need to install the trim panel. The trim panel is fixed to the dishwasher door. The panel will be delivered to you by the furniture maker, to whom you will have given the product code.

Each furniture maker, in fact, carves the panel according to the type of dishwasher it will have to fit. The built-in dishwashers, on the opening panel, have special concavities for anchoring the coating.

You just need to fix four screws to the panel that the furniture maker provided and insert it (interlocking) on ​​the opening door of the dishwasher.

The operation will be easier than expected: assembling the built-in dishwasher is really within everyone's reach !.

After inserting the interlocking panel, it must be fixed with 4 additional screws, two on each side. Some models carry three screws on each side.

Only when you have completely finished themounting the dishwasher, you can check that your feet are perfectly level.

At this point you can proceed with the final fixing of thedishwasher screwing the screws sideways. Generally there are two screws for each milk, one in the central part of the dishwasher body and one on the top, near the corner.

The plinth will be added only at the end by inserting the stops at the foot of the kitchen. The feet of the dishwasher, in fact, are too narrow to accommodate the classic stops of the kitchen plinth.

To better understandhow to assemble a built-in dishwasher, we invite you to see thevideomade by the center ofRex Milan assistance. The model in the video is a Rex dishwasher but the same instructions apply to allbuilt-in dishwasher(Candy, Electrolux, Samsung…).

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