A woman walks a tiger in a luxury shopping center in Mexico City

A woman walks a tiger in a luxury shopping center in Mexico City

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The photographs published on Social Networks about a woman walking with a tiger cub sparked controversy about the mistreatment of exotic animals in the Mexican capital.

An image circulating on social networks shows a woman walking a tiger cub inside a luxurious shopping center in Mexico City.

The matter sparked controversy when a user, identified as Zaira M., released the photograph captured in the Antara shopping center, located in the south of the Mexican capital.

In the graph, the woman is seen next to the puppy who, wearing a T-shirt and with a strap around his neck, walks as if he were a dog.

Today on FB I found this image of a girl freely walking her BENGAL TIGER on @AntaraFashion

I shared it for several reasons:
According to NOM-059-SEMARNAT-2010 the tiger is classified as an endangered species

I open the thread…

- Zaira M. (@ZaiPorras) September 6, 2020

The tweet gave rise to outraged comments on the networks, in the middle of a tirade about whether or not it is legal to walk tigers in shopping centers.

Later, the owner of the feline would have contacted Zaira to explain that she had the puppy in legal property and had the papers that prove it.

On September 1, other users reported to the capital authorities the alleged mistreatment of a tiger cub in a set of offices located in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor's office.

@PROFEPA_Mx where can I report this animal abuse against a tiger that arrived in a box at Be Grand Alto Polanco in Lake Alberto and Mariano Escobedo Torre 2 and is taken carelessly by this individual?

- Nelson N. Henriquez (@nelsonadvisor) September 1, 2020

The response of the Animal Care Agency of Mexico City, which limited itself to saying that a formal complaint was required to address the case, caused rejection among some citizens.

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