Discount codes: what they are and how they work

Discount codes: what they are and how they work

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Discount codes, to save money, so as not to miss opportunities to make convenient purchases. However, in a world that, every day if not more often, knocks on our door proposing "bargains", it is difficult to understand when it is really worth it. Who to trust and what are the real benefits for us.

Discount codes: what they are

Discount codes can be found in the form of promotional coupons. They are offered on some sites, for example, by a range of shops that have established a partnership with them. With the discount codes in our possession, we can then take advantage of price reductions in the shops for which we have chosen to have the coupon. This means that, in front of a product from a certain store, which we want to buy, we can save on price.

In sites that offer discount codes there is usually a wide choice that goes against the most varied tastes, each time you can choose the coupon or coupons that interest you and make bargains. Real deals. As for the participating stores, they usually have entered into commercial agreements with discount code sites, changing site you will notice that in some there are national and international brands, sometimes even exclusive ones.

Discount codes: how they work

When you access a discount code site you can choose the category of products we are interested in by “browsing” those present or using the internal search engine, in order to quickly identify what we need and the relative coupon. For example, there may also be a double option regarding the offer of discount codes. Once you have chosen the product, by viewing the specific offer that concerns it, we will be able to find the coupon directly or a screen that asks us one more step. It is nothing long and complicated, indeed, and there is no lack of instructions to proceed.

How can I use a discount coupon?

When I want to use the discount code to save money, I am not always obliged to register on the site that offers it to me, at least this is what happens in the most important and popular sites. And if you want to stay updated on the proposals, without having to worry about remembering to go and see the news regarding the offers, then you can register for the newsletters by selecting the categories that interest us.

It is convenient and the risks of losing good opportunities to save are minimized.

Discount codes: where to find them

Among the most used sites for discount codes is, active since 2014 and which offers convenient promotions, offers and discount codes every day at the most important Italian and international e-commerce sites. Why exactly this site? How can you distinguish the most reliable and quality discount code sites? We asked Riccardo Pellicanò of and here's what he replied: "In Italy there are many sites that offer discount codes and coupons, but as often happens when there is too much abundance, quality is scarce. CodiceRisparmio stands out from other portals because it publishes only the offers that it deems truly advantageous for the final consumer, those that bring a concrete advantage to each purchase. We are in direct contact with many top brands and this often allows us to distribute exclusive coupons to our users that are therefore not found on any other site. The experience, passion and daily commitment that we put into our work is proving us right as every year we see a substantial increase in people who rely on our portal to save on purchases”.

Amazon discount codes

As expected, among the most searched discount codes ever there are those of Amazon, the world's leading eCommerce site with millions of items available.

On you can find the Amazon discount codes at this address:

Zalando Privè discount codes

On there is also the possibility of obtaining discount codes for Zalando Privé, another well-known and widespread reality.

Yoox discount codes

There is no two without three, here is the third of the most clicked, to mention. Yoox. Also for this reality, leader in the clothing sector, you can find constantly updated discount codes on