Hoya carnosa, cultivation and care

Hoya carnosa, cultivation and care

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Hoya carnosa, cultivation and care: diseases and parasites, what to do if it does not bloom and what are the ordinary care to be given to the plant.

Wax flower, scented houseplant

Hoyais a genus native to southern Asia, includes more than 200 species and among the best known square theHoya carnosa, the Hoya lanceolata, the H. longifolia and H. multiflora. Hoya carnosa is the most widespread, popularized by its followerswax flowers, white or pale pink.

THEwax flowersof Hoya carnosa have a star shape and are a lotscented.


If the plant is to be kept in an ideal position, iflowersthey are very long-lived and can persist intact and fragrant from the beginning of spring to the end of summer.

The spring flowering produces spherical inflorescences composed of 15 - 20 fragrant, small and graceful flowers (about 1 cm in diameter) which appear to be made of wax or even porcelain.

Where to grow the plant from wax flowers

L'Hoya carnosayou cangrow indoorsor in the garden, as long as you respect the temperatures tolerated by the plant:

  • the plant tolerates maximum summer temperatures of 27 ° C.
  • In winter the plant suffers from the cold so the temperature should never drop below 10 °.

It is clear that the plant goesgrown indoors in winterand can be kept in the garden in summer only if placed in a shady position.

At home, the plant should be kept in a bright position but away from sunlight. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful fragrant indoor plants.

Hoya carnosa, cultivation and care

L'Houa carnosait is a very rustic plant, so it is not easy prey for diseases or pests. Despite this premise, it is important to respect some simple rules ofcultivation so as to ensure good flowering.

If theHoya carnosa does not bloomfirst of all make sure that the plant has not suffered thermal shock, the temperature (too high in summer or too low in winter) can compromise the formation of the flower organs.

L'Hoya carnosait could arisewithout flowerswhen thecarethey are not adequate. For example, to ensure abundant flowering it is important to remove the flowers once they have faded.

At the end of summer, in fact, you have to remove the withered flowers butNOTthe peduncles on which they arise. The peduncles will go to produce new inflorescences.

This plant come onwax flowersloves humidity but fears water stagnation. Avoid water accumulation in the saucer, lightly mist the foliage in the hottest periods of the year (but in the coolest hours of the day). For this plant there is a rule of watering little but often, especially in the summer.

Between one irrigation and the next, the soil must be dry.

The ideal soil forcultivation of hoya carnosait is well draining and slightly acidic. Choose a specific soil for this species. If your nursery does not have a specific soil, rather than adapting soils of acidophilic plants, take advantage of the online purchase.

On Amazon, a good soil for Hoya carnosa can be bought at a price of € 15.46 with free shipping. It is dehydrated soil, upon arrival you will need to add water. With the 800 gram pack you can get a volume of 10 liters of substrate.

For all information, please refer to the Amazon page:dried organic soil for H. Carnosa.

Therepotting of Hoya carnosait must be performed every two or three years. To make the plant morecaptivating, you can use pots with a reduced diameter because theHoya carnosacarries a poorly developed root system.

Hoya carnosa, diseases and parasites

Only when the plant is weakened can it become prey to various parasites. Theillnessesthat can weaken the plant are different but most of the time they are not linked to a pathogen, but to badcare. I point out some of the most common symptoms of cultivation errors that can affect the plant with wax flowers.

If the leaves turn dark, appear browned or sunburned, the plant is receiving an excess of sun. If the leaves were to discolor and then in case ofyellowed leavesyou are probably giving the plant an excess of water.

If theHoya carnosa sheds leavesthere is probably a water deficit so you should increase the water intake.

Multiply the Hoya Carnosa

The plant can be propagated by cuttings or by offshoots. The cutting is performed on mature stems, taking the apical part for a length of 10-15 cm. The best period for multiplication by cuttings falls in late spring or early summer, when the temperature is around 20 °.

Hoya carnosa, cost and where to find it

On Amazon it is easy to find sachets of seeds or plants that are already well developed for the cultivation of Hoya carnosa or other species capable of producingwax flowers. Also on Amazon there is no lack of the variegated variety or the climbing one. For photos and cost, I refer you to the official Amazon page.

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