Wanderhotels, green tourism to rediscover nature

Wanderhotels, green tourism to rediscover nature

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In a world, the contemporary one, increasingly dominated by urbanization, theAustria it is a land where you can return to savor the slow passage of time, immersed in the luxuriant nature of the country.

Among edible herbs and lush fields, this country certainly offers countless possibilities for those who want to enjoy a "green" holiday, and in this the Wanderhotels.

This hotel association was born in Carinthia, thanks to the idea of ​​Eckart Mandler, who decides to create an association of structures united by the desire to let each of their guests discover the natural goodness offered by their territories.

What is, on balance, a Wanderhotel? Not just a hotel, and not just a travel experience. The Wanderhotel is a perfect combination of discovering the places and tasting its best fruits, where the wild herbs they are the keystone of every holiday.

Even the less experienced can become "green gurus" thanks to Wildkräuterschule, a “school” of aromatic and spontaneous herbs through which, thanks to guided tours, seminars and workshops, the healing properties and the method for transforming each leaf into a concentrate of well-being are explained.

Whether found on a country path, along the banks of a stream or firmly clinging to the offshoots of a mountain, wild herbs are the centerpiece of theWanderhotels experience, made of regeneration and teachings, but also and above all of a philosophy devoted to rediscovering oneself and one's vital time.

Whether you choose Irschen, in Carinthia, or prefer to immerse yourself in the Karwendel Nature Park in Tyrol, the Wanderhotels they will welcome you with the fresh notes of a freshly harvested thyme drink, they will refresh you with a watercress salad and end every good meal with a toast of sanguinaria liqueur.

A millennial tradition, that of the use of herbs in the kitchen and in the pharmacy, whose time has never passed, and which is back more relevant than ever thanks to Wanderhotels, hotels yes, but also ambassadors of a holiday in all nature.

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