Chestnut honey: properties and price

Chestnut honey: properties and price

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Chestnut honey, one of the richest honeys of properties but which not everyone likes because of its anomalous taste, perhaps more bitter. Not as sweet as one would imagine for a honey. Let's see what benefits offers and how to buy it.

Chestnut honey: properties

This honey has a rather liquid consistency, characteristic, and due to the fact that it is very rich in fructose which ensures that there is no crystallization. As for the color, even if it is always chestnut honey, it can take on different ones depending on the type of chestnut from which it comes, the same applies to the flavor which, however, always remains typical of chestnut honey.

Even the climate and the type of processing can influence the taste of a honey, be it chestnut or other. When there are very dry summers, a more robust texture and a more intense flavor is obtained.

Chestnut honey: price

A jar of chestnut honey it does not have a disproportionate price, even if we choose it for quality, it can be purchased online for example at 10 euros for 500 grams of healthy sweetness. This is a honey that is obtained from chestnut flowers, it comes harvested between the months of June and October. We can also recognize it on the shelves of the supermarket or in the stalls of organic products because it has a color that varies from yellow-brown to almost black, with very dark and intense amber shades.

Chestnut honey: flavor

The taste of chestnut honey does not appeal to all those who hand honey and sometimes it can please those who generally do not like other types of honey. The its taste is robust and less sweet than others, it is a honey with character and has really precious properties.

Chestnut honey: cough

Perhaps many of us have already tried grandmother's remedy for cough, especially in winter. A cup of hot milk and a spoonful of honey. That honey is better than chestnut because only he, or almost, has it above average anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

It also appears that some studies have shown that fights the bacteria Staffilococcus aureus and Escherichia coli and which can also act in cases of Helicobacter pylori and Candida albicans. In addition to coughs, it is therefore also recommended for the treatment of ulcers, since it helps prevent infections and speed healing.

Emollient and lubricant, chestnut honey is also useful in case of respiratory infections and sore throat, digestive problems and stomach pains.

Chestnut honey: calories

Every 100 grams of chestnut honey are worth about 300 calories, it is therefore not the case to eat a half-kilo jar in a single day but not even to give up the pleasure of a couple of spoons. It is in fact rich in proteins, vitamins B and C and mineral salts, such as manganese, potassium, calcium and in particular iron.

Chestnut or wildflower honey

Compared with other types of honey, first of all with the popular wildflower, that of chestnut was much more antioxidant. It contains in fact very high levels of phenolic acid and can therefore be used for fight the effects of free radicals caused by pollution, smoke, pesticides, sunlight, medicines and metabolic processes.

Chestnut honey: recipes

Typical of the Mediterranean area, used mainly in Italy, France, Greece and also Switzerland, chestnut honey is the basis of really tasty recipes. One of the best is that of the hot chestnut flour crepes, filled with ricotta and covered with a generous sprinkle of chestnut honey. Those who love strong taste of this type of honey, surely must try it smeared on a slice of rustic walnut bread with spicy gorgonzola and rocket. There are those who also add it to cakes or natural yogurt for breakfast.

Chestnut honey in pregnancy

Having strong nutritional power and the ability to fight ailments, chestnut honey is certainly recommended for pregnant women who can thus gain energy and at the same time prevent cough, sore throat and infections.

We also find it recommended in old age and to deal with chronic diseases including arthritis, cataracts, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and premature aging of the skin.

Chestnut honey and cheeses

As mentioned talking about recipes, the flavor of chestnut honey, aromatic, woody and decisive, pairs very well with cheeses, also for its bitter aftertaste. We find it for the same reason also in meat dishes. In Tuscany it is associated with pecorino cheese with a few slices of pear but there are other cheeses that love honey including stracchino, ricotta and gorgonzola.

ORGANIC Royal Jelly

There Royal jelly, in the context of beekeeping, is one of the most valuable products of the hives: it is a food with important nutritional properties, very rich in vitamin B5 as well as vitamins PP and E.

There Royal jelly it is particularly effective for the prevention and treatment of flu states. It is also an energy product that removes fatigue and stress.

There Royal jelly It is also available online and our advice is to choose the BIO version, obtained from organic beekeeping, which you can buy safely on the Anastore website.

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