How not to blush: natural methods and remedies

How not to blush: natural methods and remedies

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Redness, like the heart, cannot be controlled, but there are methods and strategies we can experiment with to figure out how not to blush. It often happens out of shyness, but it can become a problem if it happens too often and even in circumstances in which we do not like our alleged shyness to be so explicitly in front of everyone's eyes.

For example, better learn how not to blush during university exams and in job interviews, if we intervene in public or if we have the focus is on us. There are times when blushing is charming and almost convenient, but others are not.

How not to blush: methods

When blushing becomes a problem, it begins to to be afraid of blushing, this situation is called "erythrophobia". It is a psychophysical phenomenon, also quite widespread, albeit little declared, which at times can also have serious repercussions on self-esteem.

There are methods we can apply to understand how not to blush, it is certainly not possible to completely solve the problem but the damage can be limited. There are no quick methods, it is necessary to do a deep work on ourselves and not everyone has desire to dig deep to understand how not to blush. Basically, we must come to see this fact not as a weakness but as one "human" characteristic like the others, which is not necessarily a negative sign.

It's important identify circumstances in which we recurrently blush, and try to prepare ourselves to face them in an alternative way. If it is a speech that makes us blush, we learn to change the subject in a cunning way, and if we really can't, with a bit of cunning, and with elegance, let's go to the bathroom for a moment to rinse our faces, hoping that in the meantime the conversation will take a better turn.

How not to blush: drugs

Are there any medications for not blushing? It might seem absurd to assume, if there is no underlying health problem to be solved, however, there are researches, carried out by the Murdoch University of Perth, which have investigated the effectiveness of ibuprofen gel. It is usually used as an anti-inflammatory analgesic, to treat sprains and swelling, but it could block the formation of prostaglandins which are the ones that dilate the facial blood vessels thus making us blush.

Do not blush: natural remedies

There are also some herbs which, if used regularly, help us not to blush. Among the most effective we find the red vine, the horse chestnut and the butcher's broom, to mix to obtain a natural anti-redness “cocktail”. Even the Blueberry, alone, and the Red Vine, alone, work.

Don't blush and sweat

Often when you blush, you sweat, especially when the cause is psychological, linked to a strong nervousness or sense of inadequacy. Again, it is better to solve the underlying problem than to intervene with drugs limit the sweat emitted.

How not to blush in the face

The face is precisely the area where you would like not to blush, being the most exposed to the gaze even of strangers, and destiny wants it to be the part of the body that blushes the most and first, if it is "emotional blush". To remedy with long lasting effect we can try yoga, perfect discipline to heal body and mind, so that the blood flows throughout the body and not just in the face. Gentle meditation can also help.

Other tips are those of drink plenty of water and learn to breathe deeply, to think of something fun that will distract us and make the redness and discomfort disappear.

How not to blush in public

Even those who do not blush often in public can risk doing so, since anxiety or embarrassment usually increases. What to do? To smile, because it is always appreciated and moreover it makes the cheeks a natural red color that camouflages the redness. You can too try thinking exercises, on the spot, then noting down every time you blush to understand if there is a connection and how to deal with this problem.

Don't blush Gaber

An original way to play down, may be to hum thereto Gaber's song: Don't blush.

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