A massive and symbolic embrace of the Paraná River against the fires in the Delta islands

A massive and symbolic embrace of the Paraná River against the fires in the Delta islands

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Groups of environmentalists carried out a caravan between Santa Fe and Entre Ríos on Sunday. More than 350 boats participated in the protest.

At noon on Sunday, more than 350 boats staged a symbolic embrace of the Paraná River to express their rejection of the burning on the islands and in favor of a wetlands law that can grant control tools and sanctions on these fires that are devastating the delta. The tour took the colorful and multitudinous claim between the provinces of Santa Fe and Entre Ríos.

The column of kayaks and canoes left minutes after 1:30 p.m., at the height of the Gallo descent and with a large number of posters: "Law of wetlands now", "We are wetland", "No to burning", "We want wetlands free from burning ”,“ Ecocide, enough burning ”,“ This is ecological collapse ”, were some of the most seen demonstrations during the caravan.

The demonstration was organized by the Multisectorial for the Law of Wetlands, with the intention of making visible the ecocide caused by the burns in the island sector. A serious problem that the region has suffered for months and that, despite its prohibition, still does not have any type of solution.

Those responsible for the hug remarked that at no time was it a "cut" in the river, since the boats never stopped their march. It was an extensive protest mobilization, always on the move.

The Multisectorial, which a few weeks ago organized cuts in the Rosario-Victoria Bridge due to the wetlands law, defined yesterday's demonstration as a "union of the shores", through a cordon of rowing boats, with the intention of establishing a symbolic gesture of union between the Entre Ríos and Santa Fe coasts. To unite these provinces in the same common cry against fires.

Luckily a lot of people came. There were demonstrations in large sectors that allowed us to be more dispersed. There was a strong claim”, Highlighted Ivo Peruggino, member of the Multisectorial.

In addition to the wide column of rowing boats, artistic interventions were also carried out on the coast, with artists and live bands, photographic exhibitions, muralists, an open radio, and talks alluding to this theme.

Before leaving, the organizers of the demonstration highlighted the indications to comply with the prevention measures for the coronavirus pandemic. Special emphasis was placed on the use of chinstraps. Meanwhile, referents of native peoples made an offering to the river of fruits, flowers and plants on the beach, singing with drums to join this fight.

Ecocide on the agenda

It is worth remembering that in the previous week, the Council met on the island of El Espinillo, where local councilors approved 18 projects related to indiscriminate burning, and clearly expressed their support for the treatment in Congress of the wetlands law. For Peruggino, beyond the symbolic repercussion, “it was a positive gesture for the things that were voted there”.

And I add: "We also learned that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation declared that an environmental emergency committee is urgently created, which must be done by the Municipality of Rosario, Victoria and the governments of the three provinces: Santa Fe, Entre Rivers and Buenos Aires”.

For the member of the Multisectorial, it was also important to start the debate in Congress on the wetlands law, which he hopes will be a regulation "that effectively defends these ecosystems, which are being destroyed, along with all the biodiversity they have”.

And he was in charge of underlining that so far this year “More than 500 square kilometers of wetlands have already been burned, only in the Paraná Delta”.

"It is not a war"

Ivo Peruggino, from the Multisectorial, highlighted that the idea of ​​the caravan was “show that this is not a war between the peoples, or against the islanders, with whom we have the same interests. On one side are those who defend Mother Earth, and on the other side are the powers that have not acted as they should”.

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