Purify the air in your home with sage

Purify the air in your home with sage

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Sage is one of the most widely used medicinal herbs in phytotherapy for its properties for the care of the mouth, throat and hormonal health. But it is also useful for purifying the air in the home.

Its scientific name is Salvia officinalis. This plant can measure up to 80 cm, its stems are erect, the leaves are elongated with a pubescent underside, and it has beautiful purple flowers, which are grouped from 4 to 8 in terminal inflorescences. Its natural environment is rocky slopes, dry and sunny climates.

This plant that should not be missing in the natural medicine cabinet for medicinal properties. It is indicated in oral conditions, sore throats and also as a digestive and nervous tonic. It is common to take it in the form of an infusion or decoction, although it is also found in the form of a tincture, extract or essential oil.

In addition to all these medicinal uses, we can also use it to purify the air in the house by burning some leaves.

How to purify the house with sage leaves?

The ritual of purifying a space with the smoke of a sacred plant is a universal practice. TheSalvia officinalis It is one of the plants most used for this purpose, usually for energy purposes, but its properties justify it: its essential oils have proven their ability to enhance intellectual abilities.

When you smoke a space with sage, mental clarity, happiness and calm are promoted.

  1. preparation: You need a bunch of dried sage tied with cotton string, a bowl to collect the ash, and a feather or fan. In some herbal stores they already sell the bundle of sage ready to burn as if it were incense.
  2. Switched on: the sage is lit inside the bowl, and blown to light the fire, then allowed to go out.
  3. Smoke: the incense ritual can begin with the people present, from head to toe.
  4. Cleaning: the space to be cleaned is slowly crossed, be it a room or the whole house with the bowl, dispersing the smoke with the pen or habanico from the bottom towards the exit door, passing through all the corners, especially the dark ones, behind the doors , under the beds ...

If you do not want to resort to smoke, the option to purify the environment of the house is by spraying with essential oil of sage diluted in water, as an air freshener.

Other useful plants for cleaning the environment is the palo santo, a Peruvian sacred wood that produces a whitish smoke to which purifying properties are also attributed.

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