Online lotteries and the brake on plastic waste

Online lotteries and the brake on plastic waste

Trash Island, also known as the continent of plastic, the toxic island, or the island of pollution, is an area of ​​the North Pacific Ocean completely covered by marine debris.

The land area of ​​the garbage island is estimated at between 710,000 and 17,000,000 square kilometers, the vast majority containing high concentrations of suspended plastic, along with other debris.

However, it is not the only garbage island that exists in the sea, since others have also been identified in the North Atlantic, in the Indian Ocean, and another in the South Pacific.

To measure the extension of the Garbage Island, if it were a country, and taking into account its maximum size, it would be the 69th largest country in the world, out of a total of 244 countries.

Of course, it should be noted that plastic bottles or other containers are not exactly those found on this island, but rather micro fragments the size of rice, which second by second are contaminating our marine waters.

Initiatives for Conscious Recycling

That is why recycling has become an extremely important task, which is why different non-governmental organizations, as well as different governments have sought different ways to encourage the population to recycle.

One of them has been to provide a monetary sum to each person who takes plastic bottles to recycling centers, obviously the more they carry, the greater the reward obtained.

This initiative has been very successful, however, as everything in life has its pros and cons, one of them has to do with the logistics of implementing these recycling centers, and of course the other is making payments.

In this last aspect, there are machines where the plastic bottles can be deposited, and later the same machine makes the payment.

However, it returns to the same point of logistics and that leads to the next question How much does it cost and where to put the hundreds or thousands of recycling machines.

Online Lotteries and the Stop on Plastic Waste

And faced with challenges, it is how good ideas arise and one that is gaining popularity is to use online lotteries as an incentive for those who recycle.

The idea is basically to create various contests and in this way all those who recycle and of course deliver these waste, are creditors of a ticket or several tickets to compete in online lotteries.

In this way, there will be no need to continue putting recycling machines, or it will not be necessary to put as many.

In the case of online lotteries, there is a great opportunity to gradually modify the prizes depending on the participation of people in the recycling; while in the case of recycling machines it is difficult to change each one, even when using software designed for it.

As for your participation in online lotteries, in addition to the satisfaction of helping the planet and its inhabitants, you can win great prizes, and one way to achieve this is to know the lucky numbers for the lottery with which you can win.

For this you can use your favorite numbers, the birthday dates of your loved ones and / or friends, or the lucky numbers according to your lottery horoscope, all of them perfectly valid to win the jackpot.


Finally, beyond obtaining or not obtaining a prize in online lotteries when we recycle we must always bear in mind that every time we recycle a plastic bottle, or any other waste, we will be helping our planet to be better.

And therefore, future generations, including of course our children, continue to enjoy the beauties of our beloved blue planet, our only home in this vast universe.

"Recycling is one of the things most similar to magic, it turns some things into others." Anonymous.

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