Prefabricated cardboard houses

Prefabricated cardboard houses

When it seems that everything is invented in terms of house construction, some “ecological” novelty appears, like these prefabricated cardboard houses.

Many questions arise related to their durability and resistance ... but apparently, they are efficient. The idea came up decades ago, whenRené snel, a Dutch entrepreneur, bet with a friend that his way of pressing the cardboard made it so strong that it could support the weight of the construction. The bet resulted in a collaboration with the Dutch studioFiction factory resulting in the Wikkelhoue, a prefabricated and sustainable home with a minimal environmental footprint.

A mobile home with different possibilities

This mobile home consists of different modules. These modules could be defined as small bunkers that are joined to each other. Puzzle-type modules that are added depending on the client's needs.

These modules are 120 cm in size and weigh about 500 kilos. In turn, they have a useful area of ​​5 m² and are supported on concrete foundations so that moisture does not pass and damage the structure of the house.

Maximum customization

With these segments it is possible to personalize these prefabricated homes without limits of comfort and design. Each module will function as a room. Thus, one module is used as a kitchen, another as an office, another for the bathroom and another for the bedroom. If more space is required, more modules can be included to expand the house.

In the pilot house we observed a bedroom with two folding bunk beds; and is that the optimization of space is also key.

Ecological houses

In addition to the originality of these prefabricated cardboard houses, another of the strengths is that it is a completely ecological house. What's more, this house is up to three times more ecological than a traditional home. It also has a much easier maintenance thanks to the use of solar panels. As if that were not enough, it is completely recyclable and biodegradable, as it is made of organic, waterproof and fireproof material.

How many years does a prefab cardboard house last

As for the lifespan of prefab cardboard houses, they could last more than 50 years. However, after 30 years it is advisable to replace the cover sheets.

Location, use and construction

These cardboard houses are so light that they could be easily located on a rooftop or in open spaces to be used as a guest house or as an office. We can also use it on a plot as a single-family house.

How much does a prefab cardboard house cost

As for the price, the basic model with three modules is worth about 30,000 euros. That price corresponds to 60% to the assembly and 40% to the construction material.

How long does it take to build a prefab cardboard house

The truth is that very little: a week. It is built thanks to a machine that turns the structure to stick 12 layers of material. This is approximately 45 minutes. Clearances are created for pipes and other distribution systems and the structure is wrapped with another 12 layers. Finally, it is glued and dried for a day.

Corrugated cardboard is used for its construction for each module, external pine wood panels that protect the structure from wind, rain and sun rays, as well as other materials such as the bio resin of the shower tray made 100% with linen.

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