10 healthy activities to do at home with kids

10 healthy activities to do at home with kids

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought many changes to our lives, including the ability to spend more time together as a family. With school out (or online) and nonessential shops and places closed, you may wonder what you can do with your family to ease boredom and avoid stress. Take this opportunity to help your children develop active and healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

This will help keep youngsters entertained and stress levels low. Although the situation may be tense, you can make it a fun family-centered time! We have researched and found 10 healthy activities to do at home with children:

-Plant a garden: A garden can consist of herbs, vegetables or flowers. Do your research and find what grows best in your area. Have each member of the family choose their favorite plant. Designate a spot in the yard (or make a spot in the house out of containers) to dig up the dirt and teach your kids how they can grow things with their own hands! Once the plants have grown, you can show them how to make good use of what they have grown together.

-Cooking Together: Cooking with kids, whether you're following a recipe or just being creative, promotes healthy living. It introduces science concepts, increases focus and attention, and helps children learn an important life skill. Let each member of the family help establish a meal plan in which everyone chooses their favorite food to cook. Work together to bring the plate to life! This will be a fun activity to do together to help everyone eat healthier and gain new experiences.

-Make art: make everyone find their inner artist. Whether you're sitting inside or under the shade of a tree, everyone can participate. Select an object so everyone can paint, draw, or even write. Learn how everyone sees the world in different ways. You can make a home art museum and display the work on the walls or in the fridge.

-Have a show - Let your kids have a creative moment of their own. Help put together a scene around the house. Have everyone show a talent, like singing or dancing, or even putting on a comedy show. Magic shows, puppet shows or any kind of silly show is welcome. This creates a fun bonding time where everyone can learn more about each other.

-Camping: Whether indoors or in the backyard, have a fun camping trip. Turn off all the lights and take out the tent. Take the time to look at the moon and stars together as a family. Everyone can take turns learning a constellation and finding it in the sky. Bring flashlights and make camping snacks like hot dogs. Just because you can be in self-isolation doesn't mean you can't experience the great outdoors in your own way.

-Make homemade ice cream: Making homemade popsicles is a fun and easy activity. They can be made with fresh fruit and you can use coconut milk to later make gluten and dairy free if needed. Without the added sugars and artificial flavorings, homemade popsicles taste delicious and are a very healthy alternative to store-bought ones.

-Gardening Work: This is the perfect way to get the whole family involved and tick off your to-do list at the same time. Although it can be difficult to get older children together to help with work, you can turn yard work into smaller projects where everyone can participate. If you have young children, there is nothing they love more about yard work than pretending to mow the lawn with Mom or Dad. Gardening helps keep people active and expending energy, giving everyone the training they need to stay healthy and happy.

-Animal races: children have a lot of energy that must be expelled every day. Even though the schoolyards are closed, they can still have fun ways to run and use their energy. Instead of letting them run around the house, host a run in the living room or backyard. Switch between different running styles for each race. Start by jumping like a bunny, then walk like a duck. Have everyone choose their favorite animal and show how they move in each round of the race.

-Treasure hunt: although this activity requires a bit of preparation, it is a very rewarding experience for everyone involved. Make a list of things to find and write a clue about each one. Give each child a list of clues and let them lose to find their inner Sherlock. Kids can compete with each other to find each item for a fun prize at the end.

-Skating Over Stockings: If your family loves ice skating or rollerblading, the fun doesn't have to end just because you're stuck inside. If you have hardwood or laminate floors, put on skate socks. Have everyone try tricks, like spinning or seeing who can slide the farthest. For an added challenge, tape a piece of wax paper under each foot to make it even more slippery!

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