Kukicha tea: the star food for your health

Kukicha tea: the star food for your health

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He Kukicha tea It's one of the best kept secrets exported from Japan. It basically consists of a mix of tea tree branches, stems and leaves that result in a star food that can be incredibly beneficial for our health and correct operation of our organism.

This tea, also known as the three year old tea, is one of the variants that we can consume from Green Tea with a really special and characteristic flavor. Furthermore, this tea supposes a great option for the whole family, since it has the advantage of barely contain theine among its properties.

This legendary japanese drink is one of the most recommended teas to keep us healthy and in good health, since it contributes many benefits to our body as the expert in Macrobiotic Diet explains here Diana López Iriarte, unconditional fan of this drink for many years and what he has told us all benefits that we should know about her.

For all this, in today's post we want to talk to you about everything you should know about the wonderful Kukicha Tea, a great option for consume daily a healthy drink with a very special flavor.

What is Kukicha Tea?

He Kukicha tea is one of the elaborations extracted of the branches, the stems and the leaves of the bancha tea, one of the best known and most used green tea varieties in the world. Specifically, the Kukicha tea is special that it is harvested at three years, giving you a great flavor potency and a series of exclusive properties derived from this long cultivation.

Once it has been cultivated, after three years, undergoes a roasting process in which this tea Loses the vast majority of his theine, so it becomes a drink suitable for all ages. Once this process is finished, a tea is obtained with a very peculiar taste and differentiating, with light touches to nuts and with sweet notes, derived from the extracts of the branches and stems.

Although in many Asian countries it is considered poor people's tea, to be made with tea tree remains, the truth is that this does not prevent continue to have incredible properties for our body which we will comment on below.

Nutritional value of Kukicha Tea

In any diet it is essential to pay attention to nutritional value of food that we consume and with the case of Kukicha tea It could not be otherwise. In any case, this drink is recommended for all types of diets, since vegan until macrobiotic, of Loss of fat or increased muscle mass. Kukicha tea is undoubtedly for everyone.

It is a tea that hardly contains fat, What is it rich in protein, fiber Y minerals As the iron, potassium, calcium or phosphorus and that, in addition, performs a great contribution to our body of folic acid, so it is also recommended to include this drink in the diets of pregnant women.

Benefits and properties of Kukicha Tea

As we have already seen, the Kukich teato account with a very interesting nutritional value to which nutritionists and specialists associate many benefits and properties favorable for the proper maintenance of our body.

Among the most remarkable properties of Kukicha tea are undoubtedly their antioxidant effects and its wonderful digestive properties. Regarding its antioxidant effects, this is due to its high content of flavonoids, which are a great ally of our immune system to face, among other threats, the famous free radicals that constantly threaten our body.

On the other hand, like almost all teas, Kukicha tea stands out for its digestive properties, which make them a ideal drink to start the day, to drink after meals and to help us improve performance general of our digestive system. In addition, this together with their anti-inflammatory properties can also help us control acidity, to eliminate fluid build-up already deep clean our liver and our kidneys.

On the other hand, thanks to its calcium contribution, Kukicha Tea is also a wonderful measure for keep our bones healthy and our teeth, endowing them with strength and promoting less cavities.

How to prepare Kukicha Tea

Prepare Kukicha Tea It could not be simpler, since in addition to being elaborated very easily like the rest of the infusions, it is also very Quick. It should be infused for at most 4 minutes in boiling water since if we leave it longer it could sour. To prepare this tea, in addition, we will only need a couple of tablespoons heaped for every liter of water. Similarly, Kukicha Tea is a great base for to combine our tea with citrus like lime or orange or with vegetable drinks. In addition, we have already tested it in elaborations of cake shop how cupcakes Y muffin and we can assure you that it gives a amazing touch and really special.

By Sara Guerra

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