The sustainable jewels that you will want to wear this summer

The sustainable jewels that you will want to wear this summer

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Summer is coming and, therefore, the best season arrives to wear our favorite accessories. Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces ... Everything looks much better with a summer look. And speaking of jewelry, did you know that there are jewels that are respectful with the environment? This is the case of the jewels of San Saru, Lagalgo, Hõbe or Pretty of Mind.

These jewelry brands manufacture their products with environmental sustainability in mind. For example, San Saru is a young brand that is succeeding in social networks for its sustainable jewelry in 925 Sterling Silver. As a result, the brand explains in its blog the best remedies for you to know how to clean silver of your favorite jewels. Among them, the use of Aladdin Sidol, sodium bicarbonate or salt stands out. If you want to know more about these homemade tricks and get to know different brands of sustainable jewelry, don't miss the following article.

Sustainable jewelry brands with the environment

As we have said before, San saru is a jewelry brand very committed to the environment. Their jewelry is handmade and most of them are adorned with 100% natural stones. Not to mention that the online store's packaging does not contain plastics and is made with reusable and recyclable materials.

In addition to San Saru, there are other jewelry brands that are committed to the ecosystem. For example, Lagalgo It is also an eco-friendly jewelry brand that manufactures its products without animal components and respecting the environment. And, like San Saru, it offers packaging with totally reusable materials.

On the other hand, in Hõbe they firmly believe in environmental harmony and personal style. For this reason, the jewelry brand uses surface-found gems, sustainable metals, and recycled silver. In this way, they guarantee that all their products are respectful with the environment.

The same happens with Pretty of Mind. This jewelry brand is committed to sustainable extraction, small-scale production and limited editions to guarantee respect for the environment. It should be noted that all her jewelry is also handmade.

Among the sustainable jewelry brands that can be found in the market also stands out Nehca light. This brand manufactures sustainable and handmade jewelry. Likewise, it makes its products with Fairmined certified metals, which guarantees that they have been extracted respecting fair trade in the mining sector.

Homemade methods to clean silver

For silver jewelry to look like the first day, it must be cleaned, since, with the passage of time, they tend to get dirty. For this reason, on the San Saru website, different home remedies are made available to users to clean silver and restore it to its original shine. One of these homemade tricks is to use Aladdin Sidol. This product is made of cotton that contains a chemical substance capable of cleaning silver and leaving it as new.

It can be found in any supermarket and is very affordable, so it is worth having at home. Once you buy the cleaner, you just have to tear off a small piece of cotton and rub it with the jewel you want to clean. Next, you have to remove the remains of Aladdin Sidol with a piece of paper. In this way, you will make your jewel look as it did at the beginning.

However, and despite the fact that this method is the most effective, it is not the most ecological. To clean the silver in a more sustainable way we recommend the following tricks: on the one hand, Baking soda is also an excellent silver jewelry cleaner. To make your jewels shine you will have to put a little water to boil in a pot. Then, with aluminum foil, you have to line a container and add the boiled water and silver jewelry along with two tablespoons of baking soda. Next, you have to stir the mixture and wait between 10 and 15 minutes for the formula to work.

On the other hand, you can also clean your jewelry with salt. It is less effective but it works if the jewel is not very dirty. For this you have to take a container, line it with aluminum foil and add boiled water with a tablespoon of salt. Then, you have to put the jewelry in the water and wait 10 minutes to have an incredible result. Without a doubt, if you want to keep your silver jewelry in good condition, these remedies will help you. Y If you want more information, on the San Saru website you can find what you are looking for and discover its new collection of sustainable jewelry incidentally.

By Mariana Tripaldi

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