What should your home smell like based on your personality?

What should your home smell like based on your personality?

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Your home should express your lifestyle, both in the decoration and in the aroma of the environments.

When you enter someone's home, their vision and sense of smell are activated to perceive the new environment. Take a look at the spaces and notice the scent too. Therefore, that smell is what will be marked in your memory as belonging to the people who live in that place.

So what is the smell that you would like people to smell when they enter your home? Can you identify the aroma of your personality? Check out these tips to make your home smell, feel great, and match your lifestyle.

Organized and perfectionist people: fresh, soft and slightly citrus fragrances.

If you are the type of person who likes to have a very clean and organized house, and whose perfectionism shows in the way you organize things, the ideal scent is very fresh, with a touch of lemon, white flowers and sea . It's light and more neutral, so you can stay more balanced.

Generous and warm people: cozy fragrances of flowers and spices.

Do you really like to welcome people into your home, like a great host, and make sure everyone feels very comfortable? Therefore, it is important that the chosen scent helps you express this welcome. Choose fragrances of chamomile, rose, and coriander for your soaps and scents.

Self-confident and charismatic people: invigorating and fresh fragrances

Do your guests usually admire your good mood and positive vibes, as they always feel like you're okay? So, express that trait of your personality through invigorating and fresh scents, with cedar, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and geranium.

Individualistic and romantic people: more intense citrus fragrances

It is perfectly possible to be individualistic and romantic at the same time. It means that you strive to express your full personality and tastes in the environment in which you live. The people who arrive notice that you are everywhere with your artistic and creative references. For this, the most intense citrus fragrances are great allies, such as mandarin orange, grapefruit and birch bark with eucalyptus.

Curious and inspired people: fragrances mixed with freshness

Do you always question the world around you and want to be amazed with the answers and inspire you to do new things? His spirit is investigative and free, thorough and exploratory. So your mind needs to receive smells that promote this characteristic of yours, helping your concentration. Choose a combination of scents with basil, mint and cinnamon.

Sociable and attractive people: floral and woody fragrances

Do you love being around people, always scheduling appointments and showing how much care is taken to always be beautiful and pleasant to yourself and to others? No one enters your home, but whoever enters must realize that you are inviting and welcoming through fragrances that mix flowers and woods, such as wildflowers, marigolds, and cedar.

How to leave home with the perfect scent?

To spice up your home environments, you can invest in soaps, room scents, essential oils, scented candles, incense, and plants that release desired scents. These products are found in bed, bath and table stores, as well as mystical decoration and product stores.

By Priscilla Riscarolli. Article in Portuguese

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