The campaign „# Let fear go away!“ Ended with love and fury

The campaign „# Let fear go away!“ Ended with love and fury

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This is the note of the end of the campaign "Let fear go away" whose search was that different voices could express their ideas, proposals and utopias for the post-pandemic world.


Dear readers

Today we finish our campaign„# Let the fear go away!“. Twenty people from ten countries participated in these weeks, sharing their ideas and visions for a post-pandemic world. The last seven people are at the end of this email. All voices are compiled on our page:

We hope they are encouraging, especially now that the crisis in several Latin American countries is deepening and that fear has taken over many sectors. Fear, which is fueled by advertisements such as that of the Ecuadorian Defense Minister, Oswaldo Jarrin, by enabling the Armed Forces to use firearms against protesters. In other words: against people from vulnerable sectors, who have suffered from hunger for days or even weeks and who have accumulated indignation and fury in their homes, now they are threatened with killing them, for fighting their rights in the street ...

Either I die at home from hunger or on the street from repression, said one of the protesters during the mobilization last Monday in Quito. This man's fear has already become what he has been doing for years: fighting for simple survival. We must continue fighting, from different sectors with different tools and if possible peacefully - "until dignity becomes custom", as the cartel of a protester said.

We greet from Quito, today with fury & love.


Video: Within the Nest. Critical Role. Campaign 2, Episode 28 (June 2022).


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