How to make an easy and inexpensive pond for plants and fish

How to make an easy and inexpensive pond for plants and fish

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Hello Permaprendiz, in this video I will show you and explain step by step how to make a polyethylene pond. They were 3 days of work for a “Bio-lake”, as Toni says, of 9000 liters.

A pond is a small cavity of water, natural or artificial, used daily to provide irrigation, raise fish, swim, etc., or for merely ornamental purposes.

We can build a pond in our patio or garden to invite the predators of the insects in the garden, since frogs and toads are nocturnal like our arch enemies, slugs ...

Ponds also serve to regulate the temperature of the surroundings, maintain humidity in the area, serve as natural mirrors to enter light into homes in winter and are a great source of inspiration, it is natural to be attracted to them and it is one of the simpler structures to build.

Video: DIY - Beautiful and Easy - Small World in the Garden - Fish Pond and Bonsai Pots (January 2023).