Dynamics and impacts of glyphosate on water

Dynamics and impacts of glyphosate on water

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Compilation of bibliographic citations on works and scientific investigations of the pesticide most used in industrial agriculture in Argentina.

The present work is one of the chapters of the 5th edition of the Toxicological Anthology of Glyphosate +1000, which will soon be published.

It refers to 81 citations of scientific articles or papers: clinical, experimental, laboratory research reports, reviews, etc. published in journals and abstracts of national and international scientific congresses on the impacts and dynamics of the agrotoxic Glyphosate in water, both as an active ingredient, formulated and its final metabolite Aminomethyphosphonic (AMPA).

These are scientific papers that have been submitted to review by a committee of scientists or peers, through a blind system (without knowing the identity of the authors) and approved for publication as they are considered significant in terms of the contribution made to the human knowledge of the issue studied, in this case: glyphosate.

This compilation was made after an exhaustive search in scientific information portals such as Pubmed, Scielo, Comunicaciones Conicet and Scholar from google. It is ordered by binding diseases, affected organ systems, most frequent physio-pathological mechanisms and type of samples to be analyzed, updated until mid-2019.

In order to access at least your query summaries, below each appointment there is its access link on the internet.

The chapter is part of the Toxicological Anthology of Glyphosate + 1000. 5th Edition, soon to be published.

- To download the full report (PDF), click on the following link:Dynamics and impacts of gl ... (1.46 MB)

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