Recommendations for an adequate diet in times of Covid-19

Recommendations for an adequate diet in times of Covid-19

This booklet of recommendations is the result of the local interdisciplinary construction of the Collective for Food Sovereignty and Health of the Peoples - Tierra del Fuego-, within the framework of the health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Its purpose is to offer recommendations to guide and accompany the population in their diet and nutrition. It is a first “open” publication that can be updated as the recommendations on the pandemic advance and can serve as a basis for the design of more efficient public policies. It is based on the latest scientific evidence available worldwide, although revisions and adaptations were made to the local context based on the contributions and views of the members of the group. It also had the critical review of other referents.

This booklet is the second in a series of publications that we have proposed to cement from our collective, we will look for alternatives, dialogues and knowledge in the community to generate written proposals, exchanges, dialogues and virtual construction spaces.

What is the Collective for Food Sovereignty and the Health of the Peoples?

It is a space for collective exchange, which seeks to promote Food Sovereignty in the community; It is more active in the city of Ushuaia and has its space in the Alfonsina Storni Popular Library in that city. It belongs to the Calisa Network (Network of Free Chairs for Food Sovereignty and related groups) and brings together a broad and interdisciplinary set of proposals that allow us to cover the complexity of the food problem from different points of view. The Calisa Network comprises 36 chairs throughout the country, mainly in public national universities. It seeks to multiply the chairs and generate a movement that promotes projects related to the construction of Food Sovereignty.

In 2018 the project was presented at the National University of TDF to formalize a Free Chair, although there was an opening to start the project, it was diluted over time, but work continues with different actors in order to formalize said draft. In addition, it is part of the National Coalition for the Prevention of Overweight and Obesity in Children and Adolescents proposed by FIC and Unicef.


In order to mitigate the advance of COVID-19, the National and Local Governments have taken preventive and compulsory social isolation as the main measure, and as a consequence it has caused difficulties in accessing adequate food, I have impacted on the lifestyle and its place in eating habits.

In our country the consumption of fruits and vegetables is below the recommended, and possibly has been aggravated by the current situation. At the same time, it is likely that an increase in the consumption of ultra-refined foods such as flours, and ultra-processed foods such as sweets, sodas and snacks has also been observed. Given this situation, it is necessary to pay special attention to the consumption of some essential micronutrients for immunonutrition, and therefore food has a fundamental role.

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Collective for Food Sovereignty Tierra del Fuego. RED CALISA.

Video: Healthy Eating During COVID-19 (October 2020).