Digitopuncture for moments of anxiety and fear

Digitopuncture for moments of anxiety and fear

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The main objective of acupressure is the treatment of pain or analgesia, as this constitutes an alarm signal from the body, which tells us that something is wrong. It is also useful for disorders of anxiety, fear, nervousness, etc.

Acupuncture is older than acupuncture since it arose at a time when humanity still did not know how to work gold and silver to make needles, although it already had the knowledge of the existence of certain points in the human body, which were treated by pressure or massage, they eliminated pain.

Kidney point 27

Kidney 27 is an acupuncture point on the chest used to relieve coughs, shortness of breath, and feelings of fear.

Where is Kidney 27 located?

Kidney 27 is located in the upper part of the chest, approximately at the level of the clavicle. More specifically, the point is located on the lower edge of the clavicle, approximately one and a half inches from the midline of the body.

To find the point, first find the lower edge of the clavicle. Run your index finger along that edge, from the midline outward, and feel a slight split. That's Kidney 27.

How do I perform acupressure on Kidney 27?

Press Kidney 27 on both sides at the same time. This helps balance breathing in the lungs and throughout the upper body. When you apply firm pressure to Kidney 27, it can be sensitive, so relieve and increase the pressure as you adjust. Hold the point for 2-3 minutes as you close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply.

A lesser known but important use for Kidney 27 is to reduce fear. In acupuncture, each system is associated with an emotion. The emotion associated with the renal system is fear.

Anxiety is rampant in our society, and often the root of anxiety is fear. Fear of getting sick Fear that our loved ones may be in danger. Fear of finances. Fear of the unknown. For many of us, all of this fear comes across as anxiety.

Acupressure on Kidney 27 helps bring your kidney system and fear / anxiety levels back into balance.

By Luulaa Minguin Garci

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