7 Unexpected Uses of Eggshell

7 Unexpected Uses of Eggshell

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Something that you throw away every day could become a great ally in the kitchen, garden and home. Look at the seven unexpected uses you could give it.

Eggs are one of the most consumed sources of animal protein in the world. It is a complete, nutritious and easy-to-prepare food cake that integrates many cooking recipes. It stands out for its extraordinary nutritional and medicinal properties.

Of course, where we pay special attention is the yolk and the white for their great benefits and uses; but believe it or not, the shells hide secrets that facilitate home life. Know everything that this organic waste product can do for you, I assure you that you will never throw away the eggshells that you consume at home again.

Wonderful uses of the eggshell that you did not know:

1. Fertilizer for the garden

This use is perhaps the best known to those engaged in organic farming at home. Putting crushed eggshells in the garden soil is a good natural fertilizer, the cheapest and the best for the environment since it is completely free of chemical substances. Their benefits are due to the fact that during the process they go through to decompose, they contribute good amounts of calcium to the soil. Of course you can also use it on indoor plants.

2. The best fiber for cleaning dishes

Using eggshells to clean those pots and pans with stuck fat, despite being a somewhat soft material is a great ally since they have a good abrasive power. The only thing you will have to do is crush them a little and mix them in soapy water, use this liquid to carve dirty dishes with the help of kitchen fiber, with bad smells and a lot of stuck fat.

3. Germinate seeds

If you break the shell of a raw egg into two parts, you will get two small pots ideal for germinating seeds. All you will have to do is fill half the shell with soil, place the seed, cover with little additional soil, take care of it and wait for it to germinate.

4. Make a broth to strengthen the bones

Believe it or not, eggshells work as a powerful remedy to strengthen bones, this is because they contain high levels of collagen and other nutrients such as calcium and glucosamine. Preparing them in broth is a powerful ally for the bones and in general to combat diseases related to calcium deficiency.

5. Eliminate pests in garden and plants

Crushed eggshells are one of the most used remedies by gardeners, among its great uses it stands out for being useful for eliminating snail pests, worms and other insects that can damage the garden. All you will have to do is place crushed eggshells on the perimeters of the garden, pests do not like walking on them.

6. Do a fun activity with the children

If you've run out of ideas for entertaining the kids during the days of confinement, the eggshells will have a great use. A great idea is to use them for children to decorate them with paintings; they can also create their own homemade chalk or chalk in their favorite colors.

7. The best remedy to clean vases

On many occasions, cleaning flower vases or very narrow glass containers is very difficult, especially because of the dirt that can lodge at the bottom of the container. A great tip is to mix crushed eggshells with a little water and vinegar, pour into the containers and shake vigorously. The residues that lodge at the bottom of the container will be cleaned as if by magic.