The importance of gardens during the period of confinement

The importance of gardens during the period of confinement

The time of care and enjoyment of the gardens has increased considerably throughout Spain

Due to the period of confinement at home, most people have chosen to occupy their time in various activities such as watching movies, reading books or playing video games. However, a significant part of the population has decided to fix your gardens, since it is an excellent option to take fresh air and be in direct contact with nature.

The owners of the gardens have taken advantage of this time to enjoy them to the fullest, while those who had the most neglected garden have chosen to take care of it, clean it and leave it in perfect condition. Some users have even contacted companies dedicated to the design of gardens and landscaping to give a new style to your garden. Whether it's large plots or small, more urban gardens, now everyone wants to have the perfect garden.

In this sense, it is best to hire the services of a company of Garden design professional as Landscapers, since these businesses are made up of gardening experts who know how to work both in open gardens -farms, plots, public parks-, as well as in interior gardens -particular homes, neighborhood communities, companies-.

Increasing demand for home garden centers

As previously mentioned, during this period of confinement caused by Covid-19, many people have decided to take care of their private garden so as not to get bored at home. In some cases, garden owners have gone one step further by contacting nurseries and gardening companies specialized.

This fact has generated a great increase in the demand of the centers of home gardening, which have encountered serious difficulties in meeting the needs of all customers. Despite this, many garden owners have been able to enjoy the home landscaping services offered by these types of businesses.

In this way, some private gardens have completely changed their design, adapting to the new gardening trends that stand out in the market - geometric shapes, straight lines, stone space, etc. Without a doubt, the best way to get a unique space in the home garden.

Main trends for private gardens

In general, companies of professional landscaping they recommend to customers what type of style is best for the garden. That is, they analyze the terrain and create a personalized design for each particular garden. However, these gardening companies also take into account the opinion of the owners, so below we offer you some ideas for private gardens.

Use of geometric shapes

Currently, one of the trends of gardening The most common consists of the use of geometric shapes -circles, rhombuses, squares, triangles, etc.-. These geometric spaces are really useful, since the owners of the garden can place different types of plantings in each of them. An ideal resource for not visually overloading the garden.

Designs with straight lines

Thanks to the geometric shapes mentioned above, private gardens obtain a perfectly organized design, to which straight lines can be added. This is another of the gardening trends most used today, since it allows the space to be divided through different types of elements such as plant blocks or decorative figures.

Spaces decorated with stones

Another of the most prominent gardening trends has to do with the use of decorative resources, and more specifically, with the creation of small stone spaces. Something very common in most modern gardens, so it is a good gardening idea that can be transferred to the professional landscaper. In this case, it is best to use a variety of stones - size, color, etc.

Cactus plantations

Not all private gardens they are the same, so depending on the type of climate it is more convenient to install some plants or others. One kind of plant that can be placed in almost any garden, and that requires little maintenance is the cactus. A family of plants native to America, which is present in a large number of private gardens.

These are some of the most important gardening trends of the moment, although to get the best garden possible, it is best to contact a gardening company professional. And is that this type of business offers a wide selection of designs, styles and plants, so that customers can enjoy a unique and special garden.

By Victoria Castineiras

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