Ideas to take care of the environment while we are at home

Ideas to take care of the environment while we are at home

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The daily routine that we used to know was left behind in time and we could almost say that the “accustoming” to confinement has established new habits. But if you haven't already, we can incorporate some activities to be able to take care of the environment while we are still at home.

We share some ideas that suggests to do at home and that relate to caring for the environment, responsible consumption, self-sustenance ...

1. Check your pantry

This is a good time to check what we have in the pantry. Check expiration dates and use what will expire earlier so you don't go broke. In addition, you can see the amount of plastics or GMOs you use and make a list of alternatives. Come up with new, healthier recipes to make with what's at home.

2. Recycle your clothes and turn them into something new

Many fashionistas say, "If you haven't worn it in over two years and it doesn't have sentimental value to you, throw it away." Check what you do not use, separate by season, put what you do not use in a bag. The textile industry is one of the most polluting so recycling, donating or reusing clothes and fabrics is a very important care action.

You can use the fabrics to make new clothes for your family. The fabric can also be used to make shopping bags, shoe computers and why not, chinstraps. If there are children in the house you can make dolls, superhero capes and many costumes.

We know that what we no longer wear can be a new garment for someone else. If your clothes are in good condition, once the isolation is over, you can donate them, exchange them or take them to places that give them a new opportunity and thus mitigate the consequences of unsustainable fashion.

3. Boost your cyberactivism

You do not need to get on one of the Greenpeace boats or hang from a building displaying a poster to spread actions for the care of the environment.

From your home and with the Internet, you can be an active part of our claims and actions. You can sign the petitions and campaigns of Greempeace and other environmental organizations, share videos, information or actions through your social networks such as those we generate in Ecoportal. The more people get involved, the stronger our message will be!

A very interesting campaign to think about our life after isolation ends is the one proposed by

4. Organize your menu and reduce meat consumption

These days of isolation are a good time to experiment with new recipes and achieve a balanced diet. It is important that we make the most of what we have at home and discard as little food as possible.

Another important point to keep in mind is the need to reduce meat consumption. 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide come directly from livestock, so changing our eating habits is essential if we want to contribute to the fight against the climate emergency.

Many have already turned to the task of building a garden that provides all year round with products grown on the land with your own hands. You can make it even in small pots. Cook at home, eat what nature provides.

5. Know why nature is changing

Leave the series and video games for a while. Find out more about the environment, the latest news and everything about the fight for the environment, it is a noble cause. Taking care of the environment is taking care of ourselves.

The list goes on ...

  1. Separate the garbage. Make compost.
  2. Use products that can be reused.
  3. Turn off the lights. Avoid leaving appliances plugged in.
  4. Close the taps properly. Check that there are no losses.
  5. Regulate the heating and bundle up better.
  6. Get around by bike.
  7. Prepare your hygiene and cleaning products.

And if you have other activities and new habits, share them on social networks with the hashtag #CuarentenaSustentable! We are sure that if we all contribute we can live in a better world.

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