Mudra to boost the immune system

Mudra to boost the immune system

Yoga is a well known and widely practiced discipline. It provides great health benefits through body postures that affect the body's organs in different ways and also the emotional state.

But less known is the yoga of the hands, the mini-yoga, which is practiced with the postures of the fingers and palms. Mudras are the positions of the hands, just like asanas are the positions of the body. Mudras are used in meditations, in dances and also to treat specific physical symptoms such as colds.

This article shows the Bhramara mudra, which is the right mudra to strengthen the immune system, but earlier in this video, you can see the diversity of mudras. There are 32 different mudras in it, but there are many more. Each mudra has its utility.

The Bhramara mudra appears in position 23, at minute 6,11 of the video:


Bhramara is a Sanskrit word that means bee. In other words, translated into Spanish it would be the bee mudra.

How to practice the bee mudra

First you have to know that it is done with both hands at the same time. To have therapeutic effects, it must be done about 4 times a day for 7 minutes. Of course it is best to take it daily to achieve a preventive effect.

1.-Place the index finger in the hole of the thumb.

2.-With the tip of the thumb press the side of the nail of the middle finger. Although in other versions (like the one in the video) both fingers are pressed by their pads.

3.-The ring finger and the little finger are in a stretched position.

Effects of the Brramara mudra

It has benefits related to strengthening the immune system and improving allergies. In addition, it is also a beneficial mudra for the respiratory system, with which it can help in cases of colds and flu, and also in more serious ailments such as sinusitis or bronchitis.

By acting on the immune system, this mudra is advisable in any situation that requires it, especially to use it daily as a preventive.

Video: Easy Mudras for Immune System Boosting. HAND MOVEMENTS TO FEEL BETTER NOW! (October 2020).