10 aromatic plants that don't need soil to grow

10 aromatic plants that don't need soil to grow

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How about leaving your kitchen more fresh by using aromatic herbs in decoration and, of course, in food? And what if in addition to being practical it is also very beautiful? Learn to grow them only with water, without soil, mess and with a super clean aspect.

How to plant aromatic herbs in water

Before we start our list of the best herbs for this planting, let's see together how to do it:

-Sterilize the glass vase, bottle or flask with absolute alcohol or, if glass can handle, with boiling water;

-Put water from the sink into the jug. If the water quality is not good, such as brackish water, use the mineral;

-Cut 1 cm from the base of the grass and place it in the pot;

-Wash the bottle once a week, renewing the water whenever necessary;

-If you want the roots to come out more quickly, put a little warm water, some pieces of willow and leave it overnight. In the morning, change the water in the pot for this.

You boil to grow in water

See now what are the best aromatic herbs to grow in containers with water.

1. Rosemary

Rosemary likes the sun, so leave it near the window. Its woody base takes a while to root, but when it is firm, its buds enter with full force, quickly.

2. Sage

The best time to plant sage is spring. Cut the stakes and put on a petticoat. It likes light and is very prone to mold, so put it near the window as well.

3. Mint

Super easy to grow, just put the cuttings in the water and it will take root. It is very beautiful and aromatic, rich in menthol that gives a feeling of freshness to the skin and the tongue. Ideal for juices and other recipes.

4. Tarragon

If your goal is to use tarragon in salads, grow Russian, but if it's just for seasoning, choose French. To grow it, put some stems in water, near the window that will soon begin to take root.


Basil also takes root easily, just put cuttings in the water, before the flowering period, near the window. Besides being very fragrant, it is very full and alive.

6.Green mint

It's not as refreshing as mint, but it picks up very easily and creates a rich foliage.

7 thyme

It looks beautiful in decoration, due to its different leaves, which are very well composed with other textures and sizes. Take the still green cuttings, preferably in the spring, and put them in the water. When the roots are born, cut the stake to stimulate the shoots.

8. Oregano

Very simple to cultivate, it takes root easily, being a delight in recipes and very delicate in decoration.

9. Melissa or herbs for cats

That is a delight! As well as chasing away unwanted insects and attracting butterflies and cats, it makes a wonderful relaxing tea and produces beautiful, delicate white flowers.

Cut the stalks in the spring and place them in the water near the window. After a month, the roots will develop. Leave it near the window and remember to always change the water.

10. Stevia

Yes, the sweetener is made from these leaves and you can grow it at home. Put some stakes in the water near the window. If you wish, you can use its leaves in teas and juices.

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