The stones that breathe, grow and reproduce in Romania

The stones that breathe, grow and reproduce in Romania

The Trovants are astonishing stones from the town of Costeti, Romania, which attract the curious and baffle the scientific community. They have extraordinary characteristics: they move or increase in size.

This strange natural phenomenon became an attraction for both scientists and tourists who come to the valley where the "living stones" are found. Called Trovants by the locals ("stones that grow" in Romanian), their appearance is like that of normal stones, although the minerologists discovered certain details that made them unique in the whole planet.

According to specialists, the rocks would be 6 million years old and would have started as small pebbles, gravel, until they reached 10 meters, as happens in some cases. However, this process is not fast, on the contrary, they speculate that it takes a thousand years to grow between 4 and 5 centimeters.

The increased mass of the stones went through the microscope of the scientists, who dissected several samples to try to get to the bottom of this enigma. When they were opened, they found a structure similar to that of the circular rings that forms the trunk of a tree, layer upon layer, which served to calculate the estimated age of some pieces.

After different analyzes, the rocks - which were declared a monument of humanity by Unesco - different theories were developed regarding their capacity to grow.

The trovants are really "alive"

Trovants are made up of sedimented sand from a basin formed six million years ago. Along with the sands, excess carbonates have accumulated, which when it rains press down on the lower layers of sediments and make them flow outwards creating the bulges“, Say from the Trovant Museum, those in charge of protecting them.

Some researchers argue that the stones can “reproduce and even breathe", Although they clarify that these processes happen on a micro scale, between two days and three weeks per"breathing". What's more, they even claim that they have a strange pulse that can be detected using highly sensitive equipment.

In addition, the stones have a capacity of “movement“, Since they move an average of 2.5 mm every two weeks. For specialists, one of the reasons would have to do with the increase in mass on one side, since this would cause the entire stone to tilt forward.

The large number of characteristics, the difference with the rest of the stones in the world and the absence of a scientific explanation that answers all the questions that are generated around it made the Trovants a matter of speculation. Some scientists are inclined to think that “They are silicon life forms with a consciousness of their own”And others even question its origin.

Although part of the community considers that they could be the product of ancient earthquakes, which would explain their strangeness, for others they would have an extraterrestrial origin, they would have reached the world through a unique meteor shower, which would explain their extraordinary characteristics.

For one reason or another, the debate is open and more and more onlookers want to "feel the energy" of this "magic stones". Beyond speculation, scientists labeled them as inorganic life forms.

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