Days of celebrations with ecological confetti

Days of celebrations with ecological confetti

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Sustainability is no longer a fad, it is a necessity. Caring for the planet is everyone's responsibility, therefore, every habit that we incorporate, no matter how small, is adding to the fight against climate change. The celebrations are not left out.

A trend is that of healthy and ecological birthdays, but how do you not detract from the fun?

Eco shredded paper

All you need is a hole punch and fallen leaves from trees and bushes.

The year is just beginning and there will be many birthday parties, weddings or meetings and what better to celebrate taking care of the environment.

This is a great idea to replace your paper with 100% biodegradable natural waste, free and easy to get.

These are leaves of trees and shrubs. Yes, to create ecological confetti you only need dry leaves that the plants shed naturally; a hole punch and a container to collect the confetti.

It really does not have much science, but it is a small action for the care of the planet, it is free and does not generate more waste.

Fun colors

To make the minced paper more colorful, the leaves can be dyed with food coloring.


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