The 11 lunar points of a woman

The 11 lunar points of a woman

Have you noticed that your mood is constantly changing? One day you can feel shiny as a button and the next day you feel inside and need a quilt day? Perhaps you feel insecure or fearful and suddenly feel this shift towards excitement and vitality?

The moon governs the woman, just as the outer moon increases and decreases, so does its internal moon and its 11 lunar points that change every 2.5 days. This is called your lunar cycle and it is different from your menstrual cycle. You will be influenced by this cycle in your mood and the way you interact with the world throughout your life and will settle into a particular pattern unless you experience shock or something traumatic. You no longer have to feel so crazy or that there is something wrong; This is your innate nature as a woman and it brings you many gifts! You are constantly changing and you are deeply intuitive, so we must learn to trust ourselves. Men are ruled by the sun and have only one moon point on their chin, so they are much more stable than women.

The lunar cycle is individual and therefore is different for each woman. Keep a journal for 3 months and each day write one or two words that describe how you feel that day and watch how it changes. Over 3 months, you will see a pattern and begin to understand your personal inner moon cycle and how this affects you and your mood. By understanding your changing nature, you can come to have compassion for yourself and know when it is good to act and when to be still and really listen to yourself. It is also really good for men to understand the changing nature of a woman! There is a fantastic meditation to balance the 11 lunar points, so if you have menstrual problems, mood swings, glandular problems, this is the meditation for you. Do it for 40 days, starting with 11 minutes per day and increasing to 31 minutes per day.

The 11 lunar points


The woman is truly in his power and feels who he is during this time. She is the most authentic and is the most stable and solid in this lunar center. She knows what she wants and is visionary; knowing where she is going and knowing what she wants and who she is, so nothing can move her from this position, even if she is criticized. She has a strong projection from this lunar center and is capable of having visions of how to be in life and how to feel.

Am I at peace with myself today or in exile? Paranoia is the other side of this lunar center
To strengthen: arc line, pituitary, cross legs and move up and down at 90 degrees for navel power, kriya for mind and paranoia

Rosaseas of the cheeks

This covers the entire face area and this may be your wildest and wildest time of the month. There is no restriction, so you become the wild woman who breaks the rules, does unusual things and things out of the box, so this is not a good time to get a tattoo or piercing! A woman during this time will have an idea and then she will want to do it on impulse and will not consider anyone! You can be very flirty during this time, so be careful who you flirt with!


During these two and a half days, the woman wants to chat, chat, chat! She has the desire to speak up and spill it all! She may be out of control with what she says and will speak to anyone and everyone! The danger here is that she may engage in gossip or have a sharp tongue and might say things that she later regrets. This is a time to be very mindful of mindful communication, so try to take advantage of silence rather than a sharp tongue that can really hurt people. A woman's sharp tongue can really hurt a man.

Is there something I need to say? Do I speak for entertainment, am I too gossipy? What am I afraid to talk about?
Strengthen: Sitali breath and chanting mantra

Ear lobes

This moon point is about courage, aligning with life's purpose, and gaining clarity. This is a time when a woman will want to discuss values ​​in a relationship or be a very philosophical life and it can get very hot and upset about justice. This is a reassessment, as she needs a sense of purpose and worth in the world.

Do I get up and go with what I think? Do I lack the energy to do this? Do I go with the flow? Strengthen this point if you are not preparing duty or responsibility: breathe through your mouth to suppress frustration.


This is a very romantic position and it is a very sensitive area. A woman will go crazy when touched at this lunar point when she is active. She is very open and looking for a heart connection right now and is touched by romance. This is a time to really listen to a woman and surprise her with special romantic gifts! Most women love surprises!

Can I be alone with myself without feeling alone? Am I feeling romantic? Can I speak from my heart?

The breasts

She is very loving, generous and compassionate during this time and is good to be around as she will have infinite patience. This time it really fosters a neutral space of unconditional love where she will want to give it her all and feel a strong need to save the world. Here the power of prayer (intention) is strong so you can feel connected. During this time there is a temptation to give things away, and sometimes too much, so this is where you can fall victim to it.

Am I compassionate or am I a victim? Do I give too much?
Strengthen: Meditations to Open the Heart

Belly button

This may be your most insecure time where you want to crawl into bed and hide! She will not want to be in the world and will want to be alone. You can feel very overwhelmed right now and the little things may seem like too much to deal with. She can be very insecure and has a hard time making decisions. This would be a bad time to have a job interview or go get a loan from the bank! You may feel very disconnected from the source right now, you may cry for no reason and want to eat chocolate!

What do I do to feel safe? Can I be neutral or reactive? I need quiet?
Strengthen: work in the navel center, dance, swim or practice breath of fire.

Inner thighs

She is very organized during this time and can become obsessed with figuring things out where she could completely rearrange the house! This is a time for a man to go out because she is on a mission! She will go crazy with cleanliness and organization and can become very controlling and will want to do everything RIGHT NOW.

Is this the right time to do this?
Strengthen: anything to bring her into the moment, like one minute's breath and reminding herself that it could be done another day!

Eyebrows: dreamy, imaginative, fantasy.

A woman during this time will want to paint, draw, write, and generally be creative, however she can be so imaginative that she will want to build sandcastles in the air! Pay attention to your dreams during this time and don't discount what may come as she will be very tuned and intuitive. This is a time to release what you really love, to be aware of what you are and what you want to bring. It is very relaxing for a woman to have a man touch and stroke her eyebrows! Try it!

Do I feel the power of my prayer? How do I imagine my life? What do my dreams tell me? Strengthen: If you are not grounded, you should walk on the heels of your feet, eat a lot of root vegetables, beans, and grains.

Clitoris: talkative, social and fun!

During these two and a half days, a woman is a social queen and she will want to party! She will be charming and charismatic, however you must be aware not to become too cliquey. You can achieve a lot right now as you will have magnetism, your skills will be at the forefront, and things will happen without too much effort. It is very important to be seen and heard during this time.

I love my body? Am I going to meet new people and do I like to socialize?
To strengthen: work on the first chakra to come out of safety, mantra with Har or the kriya for the instinctual self.


Here a woman seeks a deeper connection with someone and needs a reflection of how deep she can go with herself. Is she your best friend or worst enemy? Either it feels very beautiful or it doesn't. Connecting with the other reflects this for her and it is a time of creating a sensitive space for her to feel who she is and how infinitely connected she is.

Am I my best friend or worst enemy? Do I feel empty and empty or can I feel my vastness and depth as a woman?
Strengthen: 4 parts of breathing by inhaling and exhaling, sucking your breath and using superfood maca to balance hormones.

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