Seed pumps with newspaper

Seed pumps with newspaper

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The objective of the seed pumps is to encourage and promote reforestation. They originate in Japan from the hand of Masanobu Fukuoka, there they are called Nendo Dango and they are made with clay.

These instead, are made with newspaper, a little simpler for those who live in cities.

This method, designed by Bruna Pimentel, gives very good results following this step by step.

Materials to make seed bombs

  • Newspaper or other paper shredded or cut into thin strips.
  • Okay or bucket with water.
  • Substrate (optional).
  • Seeds should preferably be of native species.
  • Paper napkins.

How to make seed bombs

The paper should be coarsely chopped or cut into strips. The shredded paper is placed in a jar and covered with water. It should be allowed to soak for at least 2 hours to soften the paper. The smoother it is, the better the result. You can also shred the paper in a blender.

After softening the paper, it is removed from the water and drained and squeezed well to remove the excess of it. With the amount of paper in the image, you can make two bombs, one with the substrate and the other only with the seeds directly on the paper.

With the less soggy paper, add the seeds and substrate into a ball of paper. This is tightened well by carefully making a kind of ball.

To firm up the pump, you can use a paper napkin, wrapping it and removing excess water by pressing in order to form a more stable ball. The napkin is carefully unrolled and can be disposed of in the compost.

The pumps are ventilated on the patio or balcony and the next day they are collected, when they are dry and consistent.

Last step

When the seed bombs are dry, they are placed in a pot and watered every day until germination.

Seed bombs are designed to be used as such, launched to suitable areas for the purpose of reforestation. This being its purpose, seeds from native trees or plants should be used.

Here the complete Manual to make Seed Pumps,here.


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