An organic silk made from discarded orange pulp

An organic silk made from discarded orange pulp

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This silk is vegan because it does not use worms and makes possible the creation of sustainable and light fabrics.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting, in fact it ranks second in the ranking. If an impact on the environment is negative. Many designers are in search of more ecological alternatives and for this they explore new materials, in this case the orange from which they have achieved a sustainable silk.

Orange Fiber is the one who manufactured this first sustainable fabric from citrus juice by-products. Exclusive, silky and ethereal, it is designed to meet the demand for innovation and sustainability of fashion brands, interpreting their creativity and visionary spirit.

Developed by two Italians, Adriana Santanocito and Enrica Arena, the company takes advantage of more than 700 thousand tons that the food industry discards per year, to create a fabric that promises to revolutionize luxury fashion.

This innovative fabric has already won some awards, such as the Global Change Award from the H & M Foundation, an organization that promotes sustainability projects. Orange Fiber was also selected to participate in a startup acceleration program, Fashion for Good Plug and Play Accelerator, held in the Netherlands.

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Video: Talking Fashion u0026 Fabric Revolution at the V u0026 A Museum, London. Ethical Hedonist TV (July 2022).


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