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Bobtail cat

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Bobtail cat, wonderful and rather refined, some more some less, even almost impossible to find. Japanese, American, or from Russia, the largest, i Bobtail cats they have common characteristics such as a very short tail or a silky and, if it happens, colorful hair. Even the expansive and tame character, almost not even cat-like, is a trait that unites them even though they come geographically from far away places.

American Bobtail

The American bobtail cat it seems to have emerged by chance, from a mutation that occurred in some specimens of domestic cats. Outside the United States, where he was born, not much is seen for now, and he proudly carries his own very short tail, about 1/3 of the feline normality: its peculiarity.

For the rest it is a medium-large breed, both short-haired and semi-long-haired, robust, silky and resistant, with a muscular physique. The eyes are very lively and expressive, of a color that varies with that of the hair, and the hair can be of all colors and varieties. Affectionate with family, the American Bobtail he can get shy around strangers, but he's sweet as a puppy around the house. He has a playful, energetic character and is intelligent. It looks great in the apartment as long as it has a place to climb and do some movement.

Between Bobtail that we will see, this is still young and in an evolutionary phase. Rumors, unconfirmed, American legends, tell that it was born from a chance and fatal encounter between a Siamese cat and a bobcat, a wild cat from Florida, around 1960. It is not documented but it is certain that the American Bobtail is a breed that has never been crossed with that of Japanese Bobtail or with Manx cats.

Japanese Bobtail

Athletic and slender, excellent jumper, the Japanese bobtail cat is perhaps the most popular and well-known of this page. And that more has reached countries far from the homeland. It does not exceed 5 kg, has very large eyes that can also be uneven, large ears, a tail also very short, even 8 cm. At home they saw the resemblance to a chrysanthemum and so they nicknamed it.

The mantle of the Japanese Bobtail it is silky and almost all colors are allowed, even in the semi-long version. The character of this breed is wonderful and that is why I invite you to get to know it by reading the article I wanted to dedicate to it: "Japanese Bobtail cat”.

Giant Bobtail

There is also a Bobtail which compared with the Japanese colleague is much much larger, one would say, on a feline scale, giant. And the Kurilian Bobtail, sturdy and heavy but always with a short tail. This breed lives almost exclusively on Kuril islands and besides being short, its tail is also rich in hair and ends with a sort of Cheerleaders.

Unlike theAmerican, this Kurilian Bobtail has ties with the Japanese, probably descends from some specimens of the latter, which remained on the island and modified by the natural "island" selection process. Climate and lifestyle have transformed it into a more robust cat of the others and with a hair more resistant to the harsh cold that is felt in its parts.

Still practically unknown outside their islets, they have a sociable and good nature. Muscular and sturdy, with a short tail like the others, they are distinguished by their "circumspect" gait, they go around paw after paw, exploring the territory with suspicion. alert and intelligent expression. They have large almond-shaped eyes, of a color that varies with the hair.

Both long and semi-long, the coat hair of the Kurilian Bobtail it can be of all “traditional” colors: black, red and turtle scale. Also i diluted: blue, cream and blue tortie, with or without white spots, also in silver and smoke, tabby (with aguti) or self (without aguti).

Bobtail cat: price

THE cats that we have known are not all particularly available, so talking about price is quite absurd. For example, the American cat is a rare cat in the United States, let alone here in Italy. If a puppy arrives, they will most likely make us pay the weight of gold, however United States we are already at prices exceeding 800 dollars.

For the Kurilian Bobtail, we should perhaps ask a native of the islands, the only one for which it makes sense to ask ourselves the price is the Japanese Bobtail. And the answer does not make our pockets happy: it can exceed a thousand euros.

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