Lhasa Apso: temperament and price

Lhasa Apso: temperament and price

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Lhasa Apso, also written Lhassa Apso, is a small-sized Tibetan dog, very close to the Dalai Lama and very prone to snoring loudly. This does not mean that he is lazy, on the contrary, he loves long walks and is also on guard. The FCI considers it among pet dogs, including it in section 5 (Tibetan Dogs) together with Shih Tzu, the Tibetan spaniel and the Tibetan Terrier. Originally from an area of ​​mountains and plateaus, he endured difficult climatic conditions, with winters of very strong winds and summers of sultry heat: character and physical appearance were affected

Lhasa Apso: the name

The exact pronunciation of Lhasa Apso is ˈlɑːsə ˈ 誄 soʊ (in simplified Chinese 拉萨 犬, in simplified Chinese 拉薩 犬, pinyin: Lās quǎn) and this name is composed of the name of the sacred city of the autonomous region of Xizang (Tibet), located in the Brahamaputra basin. And from "Apso ”which means goat in Tibetan. Hence: the Lhassa goat.

Lhasa Apso: history

Already thinking of Tibet you can imagine that ours Lhasa Apso has very ancient origins. In fact, this breed was born with the advent of Buddhism, around the fifth century BC, and the doctrine recommended having a relationship of understanding with these, and with all, dogs, in view of reincarnation.

Therefore, these dogs have always enjoyed great respect, grown up in close contact with the Dalai Lama in his temple. They weren't there "free", because although small, they did a great job from watchdogs protecting the sacred places. They were considered a kind of "alarm bell" always ready to alert the guards. The Lhasa Apso it would derive from the Tibetan terrier crossed with other breeds, including the Tibetan spaniel, is considered from the origins, a lucky dog ​​by the Chinese, and called "talisman dog“.

Lhasa Apso: aspect

The small size of the Lhasa Apso means 25 - 28 cm in height at the withers and 5, maximum maximum 8 kg of weight. The main feature of this breed is undoubtedly the hair: very long, smooth and heavy. It is almost unbelievable to see him pass without stumbling. All colors are allowed for this flowing hair, but the most frequent are gold, honey, occasionally they are also seen in black, white and brown. Or multicolored.

In addition to the hair, the fringe which falls over the eyes and joins a long mustache. The black nose emerges from the hairy muzzle, the eyes are a little too dark and generally in which the white of the eyeball is not seen. The coat so abundant invades everything, even the ears are drooping and heavily fringed and the tail, carried above the back, appears richly fringed. However, under this fur blanket there is a muscular and agile physique, with very solid and snappy limbs and a robust torso.

Lhasa Apso: character

The Lhasa Apso it has withstood very hard climates and events, for which it was formed and today boasts a very strong personality. He is very active, intelligent and self-confident but this does not prevent him from being an excellent companion dog thanks to his character cheerful and sweet.

With strangers he is wary, because he is also a bit from guard, but with those he knows, he is sweet and outgoing. Intelligent and obedient, he is easy enough to train except that he considers his master to be his equal. As a companion, however, it is perfect: you have found a friend to walk and do long walks, which he loves, and most of all to play with.

He also loves being pampered but is quiet and independent Lhasa Apso and if you are absent he knows how to organize himself serenely without attitudes of despair. If we want him in the apartment, let's not forget that, even if small, he snores a lot. Goodbye dog movies, you don't necessarily want to follow them.

Lhasa Apso: puppies

The puppies of Lhasa Apso you can well imagine how splendid they are. It is advisable to keep them at home a lot, both because they are very small and to always keep their coat in good condition. Puppies combine everything and cleaning that coat is not exactly immediate. If you want to buy a puppy it is better to check that it does not have the "typical" health problems of Lhasa Apso: hereditary kidney diseases, for example, can also cause bone metabolism problems and frequent fractures. Despite the small size, even the hip dysplasia can be a problem for this little dog.

Lhasa Apso: video

The photos do this dog justice, but how it will move with all that fur? I wondered and my curiosity was satisfied by this video, which also tells the story of the breed. Not to be missed.

Lhasa Apso: price

If you have been conquered by the long fascinating hair of the Lhasa Apso or by its nice lively and playful character, it is necessary to do the math, because a puppy costs about 800 euros if not more. Of course, a certain amount of maintenance costs must also be taken into account and this time not only room and board but also grooming and coat care.

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