Natural remedies: the benefits of garlic

Natural remedies: the benefits of garlic

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Natural remedies: the benefits of garlic - About eating garlic we tend to remember above all the intense and persistent odor which, being eliminated from the body through breathing, causes that breath that is not prone to friendship that we all know. Instead, we tend to underestimate the many health benefits that make ofgarlic one of the natural remedies most extraordinary that exist.

Apart from the fact that the breathgarlic can be masked in a natural way by chewing parsley, chervil, a grated apple with a little honey or by sucking a few coffee beans, but taken all necessary measures to safeguard our social life, and with the permission of those around, not we give up eating garlic even in large quantities because it is excellent natural remedy for the prevention and treatment of many ailments.

Because garlic is an excellent natural remedy

Because it is an antibiotic and an antibacterial (it is proven that the vapors of garlic they are active in the destruction of many bacteria); it is a regulator of the intestinal flora; it is a powerful vermifuge active against all parasites (tapeworms, roundworms, pinworms); it is a friend of the circulatory system (it fights hypertension and cholesterol); it is an antidiabetic (regulates the level of glucose in the blood); is considered among the natural remedies to prevent cancers of the digestive system. THE benefits they are therefore many and proven by various studies.

Garlic has always been a natural remedy

History tells us that the Egyptians gave garlic to the slaves at work in the construction of the pyramids and put it around the neck of children in the form of a necklace like natural remedy against parasites. In ancient Greece thegarlic was considered a natural remedy (the Greeks called thegarlicfetid rose ') and also the athletes in the Olympics who ate a clove of garlic before the races. Also in ancient Greece, the fathers of medicine Galen and Dioscorides described the virtues and benefits of garlic while in the Middle Ages, Charlemagne made the cultivation ofgarlic throughout the empire. You could continue sifting through history here and there until you discover that even the popular use ofgarlic to ward off evil spirits, including vampires, it simply originates from the properties of natural remedy of this plant.

How garlic is used

Garlic can be used in many ways. Like natural remedy for healthgarlic it can be consumed in the form of: juice, infusion, decoction, syrup, tincture, balm, poultice, but also liqueur or wine. For the garlic wine, which is also a curiosity, the recipe they told us is this: a head ofgarlic and 10 pinches of absinthe in a liter of hot red wine, to be taken in 2 glasses a day as natural remedy against all parasitic worms (do not exceed the dose, exclude any other alcoholic drink and do not give it to children). Obviously thegarlic it can also be eaten natural, whole, in the kitchen in a thousand dishes or by eating a clove, preferably on an empty stomach.

How garlic is grown

If you want thegarlic releases all its properties of natural remedy in the prevention and treatment of a thousand ailments it is good to check that what we eat is good and natural, not treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides, otherwise we do ourselves more harm than good. We are wary of over-packaged bulbs and substitutes in pills, natural is better. The ideal is to grow garlic on your own, it would take a piece of earth but also in pots on the balcony it can be done, burying the cloves for about 3 cm between October and November.

L'garlic does not like natural fertilizer that is too fresh and the soil should be fertilized at least six months before. After harvesting, the bulbs must be cleaned and hung in the shade: even the green part of thegarlic it is rich in active ingredients, but the bulb more and since it is easier to store it usually uses only this.

How to squeeze garlic

To quickly squeeze garlic by limiting contact with your hands, we recommend using the special garlic presses, such as the one proposed by Tescoma and currently on sale on Amazon for only 6.83 Euros.

Tescoma garlic press

If you are interested in discovering the properties of other natural remedies, we recommend that you read our article on Medical plants with details on the 150 most searched on Google.

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