White Swiss Shepherd: character and price

White Swiss Shepherd: character and price

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White Swiss Shepherd, recently officially recognized by the FCI, it is very similar to the German Shepherd, but he has a Swiss passport and his white color. Exceptional, bright, dirty, perhaps, but immaculate: the white, indeed. It is also called Berger Blanc Suisse, Weisser Schweizer Schäferhund, name with which it is inserted in the group of shepherd dogs, or internationally White Swiss Shepherd Dog.

White Swiss Shepherd: origins

Initially, for mysterious reasons, the name of this breed was "White Canadian Shepherd Dog", Independent simply because the white color is excluded from the standard of"German Shepherd"But then in practice very similar. In fact it is of recent recognition but morphologically it has existed since the times in which other shepherd dogs similar to it exist. The first evidence relating to these white specimens comes fromAlsace Lorraine: they were even bred of pure breed near Royal Court of the Habsburgs.

At the time the white color was noticed but not pointed out, on the contrary: it is from the sixties that the white-haired variety was excluded from the federation and then reintroduced in the eighties, in Germany and then in the USA and Canada. Maybe that's why he was initially a Canadian Shepherd instead of Pwhite swiss goshawk. But it is the neighboring statelet that obtains the paternity of this beautiful breed: in 2002 the provisional recognition by the FCI arrives, the official one only in 2011.

White Swiss Shepherd with long hair

The appearance of the White Swiss Shepherd it is very similar to that of the German colleague, apart from the color, the former seems a bit more elongated and less angled. The physique is and rightly remains that of a shepherd dog, therefore robust, strong, powerful, muscular. The size is medium, with a height between 60 and 66 cm at the withers for males and between 55 and 61 cm for females.

In the totally white coat of the White Swiss Shepherd a dark-colored nose and almond-shaped eyes, brown to brown and tan appear. Head and muzzle fit well proportioned into the whole, large, triangular-shaped ears appear, always carried erect. The tail of the White Swiss Shepherd it is shaped like a scimitar but the peculiarity lies in the fur. Always white and always double dense and well layered, but either medium-long or long.

In the case of long hair we have a abundant undercoat with smooth and rather rough top coat. In the area of ​​the muzzle, ears included, and in the front faces of the limbs, the hair is shorter while on the neck it forms a sort of mane and on the buttocks of the nice "culottes". The tail also appears well equipped with hair, but beware: we are talking about long hair but not exaggeratedly. Not kind Lhasa Apso and Komondor. However, there may be some undulation.

White Swiss Shepherd with short hair

The physical structure and the head remain identical to the long-haired version, and also the color which is strictly white only. Even in the case of short hair, or better to say medium long, one is allowed slight ripple, then there is an abundant undercoat covered by the smoother and rather rough outer layer.

Also in this case it can be seen that the muzzle, ears and front faces of the limbs are covered with shorter hair while on the neck and back of the limbs the hair is slightly longer. No mane and no fur culottes, however: the White Swiss Shepherd with short hair it's more standard. Even if its white is still a reason of attraction on the street and in the woods.

White Swiss Shepherd: Character

The white Swiss Shepherd, certainly not due to the color of the hair, shows a different character from that which is generally associated with shepherd dogs. In fact it is very docile and affectionate, undoubtedly suitable for families. A strong disposition remains, by those who know what they want: this breed has a strong temperament and is attentive and always balanced.

It's a good company but also ready to act as a guard dog if required, without being violent or aggressive. Indeed with family members, obviously as well as with the owner, it is friendly, meek and devoted, he gets trained, listens and is quite obedient without ever rebelling or having an aggressive attitude.

At most with strangers who do not inspire sympathy White Swiss Shepherd he may be reserved: first he is cautious, then attentive and curious. When he decides that he can trust, then he is comfortable and returns to his loving and polite character.

White Swiss Shepherd: breeding

In Italy recognized by the ENCI there are 28 farms, of which 6 in Piedmont, 5 in Lombardy and 4 in Emilia Romagna. The others are scattered throughout the Marche, Veneto, Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Campania, Sicily, Calabria and Basilicata. North, center and south, the White Swiss Shepherd it is available everywhere and very much appreciated. More and more, I would say, given that in 2008 the ENCI counted 87 specimens registered in the herd books and in 2012 they had become 286.
As a breed it is considered particularly suitable for disciplines such as Obedience Rally and Obedience, it is used as a guard dog and also as a helper for Civil Protection.

Lupi di Romagna® breeding

Lupi di Romagna® it's a amateur breeding of White Swiss Shepherd where love for dogs comes first!

Lupi di Romagna® breeding is an alternative way of "think the Dog". Alternative, counter-current and, often, "not politically correct" with respect to what is conceived both in the world of traditional ("official") dog breeding, and in that of the veterinary of pets.

First of all it is falling in love, passion, love, dedication, patience, self-denial and sharing with all the dogs in the pack.

Then it's a (true) "herd"(And not a" group ") of"dogs that make dogs"(And not the" pets "), made up of about twenty adults of 4 different pastoral breeds, of which only half areWhite Swiss Shepherds, the only breed reproduced, a couple of times a year.

The puppies embody the classic ideal, borrowed from the Cinofilia, of the καλὸς κἀγαθός (kalos kagathos; “Beautiful and Virtuous"): Born and stayed up to the fifth week at home, weaned from the mother's regurgitation of meat and fed mainly to fresh raw meat (NEVER industrial feed!), Inserted in the flock outside after the fifth week, they are NEVER sold before 15/16 weeks.

The result is, regularly, specimens equipped with extreme psychic stability and balance ("Psychically tetragons") and a 'behavioral reliability far above average.

In other words, destined to become, ALL, perfectly "enjoyable in the family and usable in society”.

White Swiss Shepherd: puppies

Suitable for both work and family, as a puppy White Swiss Shepherd it's just as delicious as it grows up, if not more so. He should be educated well but it is not a difficult task, indeed he is immediately likeable and quickly learns the house rules. If there are children, they become fond of them immediately and they will become eternal playmates. At any age but especially as a puppy, the White Swiss Shepherd it is worth keeping an eye on: eat and drink everything.

White Swiss Shepherd: price

A white swiss shepherd puppy pure white and well kept, it usually costs between 1,200 and 1,800 Euros. The farms are quite numerous in Italy, even more in neighboring Switzerland and for example in the USA and Canada.

To take care of our puppy well, there is no need to go crazy, regular brushing of the coat and a clean one are enough to ensure that it maintains its whiteness. As for health, he is a rather robust dog and without major pathology, if not an eye disease called Chronic Superficial Keratitis: it is a chronic autoimmune disease from which the female suffers mainly White Swiss Shepherd and which requires medicinal treatments to be continued throughout life.

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