Mountain Dog of Flanders: character and price

Mountain Dog of Flanders: character and price

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Mountain Dog of Flanders, a dog that France and Belgium have quarreled until they conclude that it is a Franco-Belgian breed, recognized by the FCI with the original name of "Bouvier des Flandres"But also called"Vlaamse Koehond". It is a very intelligent and obedient animal, massive and quick in movement.

Mountain Dog of Flanders: origins

It is assumed that for centuries and for many centuries it has lived in the Flemish hills but the first official news of Mountain Dog of Flanders are from 1937. Its origins are uncertain, the most accredited hypothesis is that this dog is the result of a cross between theSpanish Great Dane, now gone, and the shepherd of the Languedoc, both breeds arrived in the homeland of our Bovaro thanks to the Spanish rulers. In the selection, grafts were also made with the shepherd of the Brie and the shepherd of Picardy.

In the past the Mountain Dog of Flanders it was also used by the Belgian police, since the end of the 19th century, then during the First World War it served as an auxiliary alongside the soldiers lined up in battle. An adventure that has reduced the population of this breed to a minimum, then relaunched by a fort reconsolidation work.

Today it is no longer used alongside the police and the military, as are other races - Giant Schnauzer and the Russian black terrier - because of the particular care that his coat requires. This does not mean that it is not very widespread, on the contrary, his is a growing breed in our continent, even in Italy, the Mountain Dog of Flanders for some years it has begun to be quite appreciated.

Mountain Dog of Flanders: appearance

The average general appearance of this dog is short and stocky, massive: it is an animal that gives an idea of ​​strength and power. It is certainly ideal for living outdoors also due to its size: at the withers a male measures from 62 to 68 cm and weighs 35-40 kg, the female is a little smaller. The Mountain Dog of Flanders despite being very muscular it is quite well proportioned, quick in movements, with the head totally covered with hair and strong limbs.

Its coat is generally fawn or gray, often brindle or striped gray-anthracite color, there are also examples in black but it is not a very welcome color. It is very thick, rough to the touch and about 6 cm long, the coat of Mountain Dog of Flanders, and also equipped with an undercoat: it constitutes an important protective layer suitable even for the most rigid climates.

Mountain Dog of Flanders: character

Intelligent and obedient, balanced and courageous: the Mountain Dog of Flanders it is a dog with an excellent character, suitable for families but also for work tasks. While being wary of strangers, balanced and on his own, this dog fits in perfectly in the family by showing itself attentive and attentive to children. And with the master: maximum and exaggerated devotion.

At home he keeps an impeccable behavior, he does not mess and does not disturb, and is very adaptable to any type of training. Intelligent and quick in making decisions, the Mountain Dog of Flanders it is an all-rounder animal, but its agility and exceptional flair usually "destined" it to act as a guard dog, defense or search for people. In fact, he is also very courageous and tenacious.

Bouvier des Flanders: grooming

We mentioned the careful care that the hair requires: in the case of Mountain Dog of Flanders it is really true and it is not an aesthetic question. His coat is dry, it should almost never be washed, but only brushed, carefully and with a straight-toothed brush, to eliminate dead undercoat.

For the rest it is a “rustic” breed, without many needs also from the food point of view. He has good health, is a good champion of agility dog and achieves excellent results in competitions for utility and defense dogs. However, it is necessary to give him a lot of affection, and also the possibility of doing a lot of movement every day, in order to stay in shape and to exhaust his inexhaustible charge of energy.

Mountain Dog of Flanders: herds

The farms of Mountain Dog of Flanders that the ENCI reports on the Italian territory are 4, they are located in Lombardy, Tuscany, Puglia and Veneto. It is not yet a very widespread breed, in 2004 there were 29 puppies registered in the herd books, in 2012 20, the trend is not regular and in the future there may be pleasant surprises for this dog in many countries also used as drug dog and police dog. He has a very developed sense of smell and an equally strong sense of family.

Mountain Dog of Flanders: price

The scarce but variable spread does not make it easy to estimate a puppy's price Mountain Dog of Flanders. Without a doubt, it is difficult to find less than 500-1000 euros, online or in the store could turn other figures.

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