English Springer Spaniel: character and breeding

English Springer Spaniel: character and breeding

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English Springer Spaniel, a dog breed of very ancient English origin, considered the progenitor of the spaniels. It is a search and retriever dog, very skilled even in water, active, long-lived and robust. It is also rustic, but it is inevitable given its always very courageous roles and on the field. And in the fields.

The name of this breed is "springer”Comes from“ spring ”which in English means spring. This is because it English Springer Spaniel when he carries out his duties as a retriever, he is said to make the game jump like a spring, precisely, flushing it out. It is not the only dog ​​that does this, all Spaniels actually have this strategy, but our friend is the progenitor and he took his name.

English Springer Spaniel: origins

The origins of this breed are undoubtedly ancient, its most recent and documented history begins in 1812, when Mop I, a specimen adopted by the noble family of Boughey, Aqualate, Shropshire, was registered. Official recognition of the English Kennel Club it only arrived in 1902 under the name of English Springers other than Clumber, Sussex and Field. The breed has continued to evolve but is generally considered by scholars to be the oldest of all British hunting dogs.

English Springer Spaniel: puppies

The puppies of English Springer Spaniel growing growing they reach a height of 51 cm and a weight well over 20 kg. In general, from an early age, they have a compact, strong and harmonious appearance, the muscles are well developed and toned. Looking at this dog you get a real impression of strength, endurance and a lot of agility.

The limbs are strong, well united and muscular, the skull appears quite broad, slightly rounded, the eyes have a sweet expression, are almond-shaped and dark hazel in color. As for color, the coat of the English Springer Spaniel it can be of all the colors expected for spaniels, but never solid colors. The most frequent couplings are white and brown (liver) or black and white, there are also versions with tan markings.

The hair can be smooth or wavy, on the ears and on the limbs there are fringes but in general the whole coat is always very thick and partially water repellent, also to protect from vegetation, bad weather and cold.

English Dwarf Springer Spaniel

There is not one English Springer Spaniel dwarf by definition but of the smaller varieties. For example the "work springer ": specimens or entire bloodlines exclusively selected for their operational qualities and which are actually smaller, longer, with less hair and more pointed faces. The character is less sweet but more lively: they have to work, right?

Then there is also the tUS hypology “From show” which has a slightly smaller size. There is a standard recognized by the AKC but not by the FCI, specimens of this variety have longer ears and a more compact structure.

English Springer Spaniel: character

Whether at work or as a companion dog, on a leisure walk, it is English Springer Spaniel is a very active dog. Looking at his expression, we see that he is always attentive but not distant: he also manages to communicate sweetness, this is a sign of the strong balance that the breed is endowed with.

In the canine universe it is considered a minor "cousin" of the Cocker spaniel, are similar and both are well disposed towards the world around them, easily fraternize with strangers, and are valued and sought after for versatility of use that have.

English Springer Spaniel: breeding

In Italy it English Springer Spaniel it is quite widespread, just think that there are over 40 farms scattered throughout the territory. Many are concentrated in Tuscany, a region in which there are 18 registered on the ENCI site, there are then another 6 in Lombardy, 4 in Lazio, the rest from North to South are located in the other regions. In general it English Springer Spaniel it is a rather simple dog to raise and of good character, it does not create problems even if it is lively.

English Springer Spaniel: average life

The average life of one English Springer Spaniel it is about 12-14 years old, on a perfect average with that of similar breeds. In general, it is a dog that does not suffer from particular ailments, it is important not to relegate it at home but to ensure that it a lot of movement and that it is outdoors. It is good for him physically but also as a mood, it is his nature that commands so and his origins.

English Springer Spaniel: price

A puppy of English Springer Spaniel it can cost approx 500 Euros, it can also be found at a lower price, probably, by looking well, and in the numerous farms that ENCI itself indicates as qualified, which you can trust.

English Springer Spaniel: video

A lively dog ​​like him English Springer Spaniel it can only deserve a video, to capture its movements and character so as to "Spring", in fact. Here is a video that tells us about this dog also shows us its very particular gait. Inimitable.

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