Tibetan terrier: character and price

Tibetan terrier: character and price

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Tibetan Terrier, erroneously called Terrier by us Westerners, when they brought him from his Tibet, but this is not a hunting dog, but a companion, also skilled in guarding. The most evident physical characteristic of this breed is the coat, formed by abundant hair, an element that makes this animal very fascinating. To know.

Tibetan Terrier: origins

Since ancient times this dog breed has lived in Tibet, where it was born, with the role of sentinel both in the villages and in the palaces and monasteries. The Tibetan Terrier it is in fact endowed with acute senses and is able to perceive every slightest suspicious noise and then alert the owners and the real guard dogs, powerful mastiffs, who were usually accompanied by him.

In Tibet, dogs were never sold, but offered to visitors or friends as a token of happiness and prosperity. When in 1920 the doctor Agnes Greig she treated a Tibetan princess she was given puppies of Tibetan Terrier, brought them to the West and this is how this breed began to spread in Europe as well.

Tibetan terrier: character

Resistant to bad weather, but also to the bad moods of humans, the Tibetan Terrier is a very cheerful and lively dog, a nice playful. He is very smart and does not let himself be fooled, but he still manages to be nice. He gets along perfectly with children, proving to be a good companion dog, but also able to stand guard by barking with his loud voice.

In general he is not aggressive at all, not even with strangers, and he never bothers at home because he is extremely clean, very polite and kind. Certainly he has a strong character, as well as lively, therefore a certain firmness is necessary to educate him, without however using too strong manners that would make him annoying, almost to be offended.

Tibetan terrier: puppies

At first glance the Tibetan Terrier gives the impression of being a square dog, with a compact and muscular physique. It is small in size, it is among the largest small dogs: at the withers it measures from 36 to 41 cm for a weight ranging from 8 to 13 kg. The head is hairy like the rest of the body, has a slight beard and a very black nose, the mouth is slightly laughing, the eyes appear large, dark, quite distant.

The ears, hanging, V-shaped, are very fringed as well as the front and rear limbs. The feet even have abundant hair, even between the toes, the tail, on the other hand, on average long, is carried rolled over the back and is very well fringed. The hair, already mentioned, is very abundant and even double. The Tibetan Terrier it has an undercoat, while the outer one is woolly and thin, abundant, long, straight or wavy.

Tibetan terrier: breeding
In Italy the breed of the Tibetan Terrier. ENCI indicates only three farms for this dog: two in Emilia Romagna and one in Veneto. They are found respectively in the provinces of Rimini and Parma, and then in Venice.

In the past, and for centuries and centuries, the Tibetan Terrier it was bred in Tibet and held in high regard by both the people and the nobility, so much so that it is considered a sacred and lucky dog. If it brings luck we hope that the number of farms in Italy will increase soon.

Tibetan terrier: price

A puppy of Tibetan Terrier it can cost up to a thousand euros. It is a beautiful dog, of course, but this high price is also linked to the limited diffusion of the breed. In general it is also a simple dog to keep and with good health. It does not create particular problems even if its coat requires careful and frequent grooming, which is not always cheap.

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