Photovoltaic wallpaper

Photovoltaic wallpaper

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When it comes to renovating an apartment, wallpaper remains the most practical and economical solution to make home environments more pleasant. For some years now, photovoltaic experts have been working on a type of wallpaper with integrated photovoltaic cells.

The photovoltaic sector is making giant steps; there are many companies that seek to find ideal building materials and solutions to make the most of the energy deriving from the sun. In addition to photovoltaic tiles and photovoltaic glass, the latest novelty is represented by photovoltaic wall paper.

In particular, a Finnish research institute, precisely the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland, has developed extremely thin photovoltaic panels, to the point that they can be used as wallpaper inside homes. Obviously the goal is to exploit solar energy to produce electricity.

Features of photovoltaic wallpaper

Photovoltaics remain among the most effective solutions to make the most of solar energy. It goes without saying that the effectiveness of the photovoltaic system depends on the efficiency of the cells inside it.

As we have already mentioned, the Finnish institute, mentioned in the previous paragraph, has created photovoltaic solar panels so thin that they can be used as wallpaper inside the home.
These are panels that can easily adhere to any surface and support; they were made in the form of strips to cover the walls of the house.

The panels used have the shape of small leaves and are applied on a normal wallpaper. With this system it is possible to take advantage of both the sunlight that comes from outside and that that comes from inside; thanks to this innovative system, small devices in the house can be powered.

Photovoltaic wallpaper, an extremely advantageous and practical solution

In fact, with this system it is possible to recharge small devices inside the house, such as cell phones, humidifiers, as well as allowing the operation of LED bulbs. Undoubtedly, photovoltaic paper represents an important step from the point of view of photovoltaic equipment such as to mark a real revolution also for its intended use.

These panels used in wallpaper fall into the category of organic photovoltaics, also known as OPV: the traditional inorganic semiconductors have been replaced by organic-based pigments. These photovoltaic strips, which reach about 0.2 millimeters in thickness, allow for practical use within the home. Inside reside the electrodes and all the different layers of polymers that capture the light and allow it to be used effectively from an energy point of view.

How to use photovoltaic wallpaper

Photovoltaic wallpaper can be defined as an extremely advanced equipment that can also guarantee excellent savings on the electricity bill. The aesthetic aspect is not neglected either: it makes the environment elegant and refined.

A system that offers very interesting perspectives for domestic use: in fact, it will be possible to reduce the environmental impact by using photovoltaic wallpaper, but also to customize the decorations according to the tastes of each one. In addition, photovoltaic wallpaper can also be recycled after use, a significant advantage these days. There are so many positive characteristics that at this point suggest that the studies will go on and a commercialization in a short time is not to be excluded.

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