Dutch Smoushond: character and price

Dutch Smoushond: character and price

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Dutch Smoushond, from the original name that sounds Hollandse Smoushond, in English it is called Dutch Ratter. He comes from Holland, of course, is a small dog that is excellent for apartment life and has always hung out between his homeland and Germany. It seems that its ancestor is the terrier and that this breed very little widespread in Italy was used at the time to kill rats and mice. It has relatives in common with the schnauzer.

Dutch Smoushond: origins

The Dutch Smoushond and what makes one think that its history crosses that of schnauzer is the yellow color of the hair. There are those who claim that his name "smoushond”Comes from“ smous ”which means“ mouse ”, and it would also be reasonable to believe it since one of its main uses has always been to hunt small rodents.

Today it isn't anymore, not that often, but the name has now been given. A second hypothesis on the Dutch Smoushond is that it is so called because of the bristly hair and face, resembling that of the Jews who in 1800 were called smouzen and wore long beards and hair.

Over the years it has happened that some specimens of this breed were exchanged with the Belgian Griffon, the word Dutch was added for this. Always to defend the breed and guarantee it due recognition, in 1905 theDutch Smoushond Club (Smoushondenclub), during the Second World War this dog did not fare well and only in 1973 his fans were able to breathe a sigh of relief.

It was thanks to some breeders that, starting from some specimens, crossed with other breeds, they left to rebuild the breed that was almost lost, with the help of the use of Border Terrier.

In Holland today it is Dutch Smoushond enjoys good popularity, but outside the borders of the homeland it is unknown. The FCI only officially recognized him in 2001 by placing him in Group 2, Section 1: Pinscher and Schnauzer, also United Kennel Club in the United States it considers it a breed but of the terrier section, in general we often find it mentioned in the lists of rare breeds. An honor, therefore, to talk about it.

Dutch Smoushond: appearance

The Dutch Smoushond it can weigh a maximum of 9 - 10 kg, with the males heavier than the females and measuring about 43 cm at the withers: it is a small dog, very suitable for apartment life. He has a physique that can be inscribed in a square, he is sturdy and massive but he must never get heavy or take on a clumsy and coarse appearance.

The head is a little rounded, the teardrop-shaped ears appear at the top, triangular in shape, with slightly rounded ends. The eyes are characteristic of the breed and are large, round and dark in color, with a benevolent and good expression.

The body structure of one Dutch Smoushond it is balanced and expression, the tail is short but we never see it curled up on the back. Sometimes we can notice that the body of the females is longer than that of the males, however both have a musculature suitable for following horses and crews and catching mice in the stables.

Dutch Smoushond: fur

The coat of the specimens of this breed is coarse, rough, hard. It appears straight and rough, with a shaggy appearance. It is not regular and homogeneous on the whole body: on the limbs it is of medium length and looks a lot like a fringe, on the head it is shorter, with longer mustache, beard and eyebrows. We mentioned the yellow color and so it is: in the standard, solid yellow is allowed in all its shades. The favorite, and most frequent, is the straw color.

Dutch Smoushond: character

Called "gentleman's stable dog or coachman's dog" it Dutch Smoushond it doesn't even seem born to hunt, rodents or anything like that. He has lost almost everything from his hunter nature and is instead a very affectionate animal, very cheerful and jovial, friendly, always at ease with everyone.

Despite being small, he has no tendency to hyperactivity, as often happens, however, he looks around curiously and never happens to find him fearful or hesitant. Easy to educate and just the right size, it is Dutch Smoushond it is an excellent companion dog even for those with children at home: it plays with them peacefully tolerating their happiness but remaining calm.

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