How to paint the radiator

How to paint the radiator

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How to paint the radiator: instructions, step by step, to paint your home radiators without smudging. Here's how to paint the radiators easily and with the right technique.

Older heaters are certainly not pretty to look at. If you intend to renovate your home, it is not strictly necessary to replace the radiators: these devices can be painted with colors and finishes compatible with your new furniture.

How to paint the radiator, preliminaries

Protect walls and floor

Before starting with the brush and paint, use cardboard to cover the floor and wall behind the radiator.

Please note:if you meanpaint the radiatorwith a different color from the pre-existing one, you will have to remove the radiator from the wall. If the paint job is a simple refresh (tone on tone), you can do without removing the radiator from the wall.

Remove rust stains from the radiator

Slightly rusted radiator: the radiator heating system can be made of steel, aluminum or cast iron. Older radiators are generally made of cast iron. Look at the radiator, if there is any rust, remove it with an iron brush.After brushing and removing the traces of rust, you just have to clean.

Clean the radiators and sand them

The presence of dust prevents a complete painting. Clean the radiators first with a damp cloth, then sand with 120-grit sandpaper and then clean the radiator again but this time using a compressed air spray can in order to sweep away the dust placed between the inlets.

How to paint rusty radiators

In case of rust on the radiators
If your problem is rust which, with time and poor maintenance, has ended up covering an extended area of ​​the radiator, take specific measures rather than using a wire brush.

On the market there are gel paints and enamels created to eliminate rust and paint the affected surfaces, the classics "two products in one ". Among the various market proposals we point out the Fernovus radiator gel polish.

How to paint the radiator

When theradiatorhas been sanded and cleaned, you can finally prepare brush and paint.

In this step you will need two types of brushes:

  • a flat brush to paint the front and side of theradiator.
  • A brush with a curved handle to paint the inside of the radiator.

The brush with curved handle will allow you to paint the radiators without disassembling them, but they require a lot of patience and attention to use.

To paint a radiator you can choose a “radiator enamel” with a characteristic warm white color.

With the brush, cover the radiator with radiator enamel and let it dry waiting for the times indicated on the label. It is generally recommended to apply two coats of varnish to obtain a more uniform result.

For small touches you can use spray cans.

If you intend to paint the radiator in a different color from the existing one using the spray paint, it may be more appropriate to remove it from the wall in order not to risk dirtying the wall on the back of the radiator.

How to spray a radiator

Those who intend to paint radiators using spray cans or guns connected to a portable compressor, would do well to disassemble the radiator or take appropriate steps to protect the wall behind theradiator.

Spray-applied paint is more effective: it can easily penetrate inside the radiatorand and return optimal results, however, has the defect of dirtying a lot! If you work in a ventilated environment you should wallpaper any object placed nearby ... the venice is nebulized and sprayed on the radiator but a pinch of wind is enough to deflect the jet and dirty the next wall. We do not want to generate alarmism, only to warn you of the risks and have you covered with plastic sheets and cardboard everything that surrounds the radiators.

Ideally you should have a compressor and a gun applicator with a nozzle suitable for radiators. If you use spray cans, replace the standard outlet nozzle with one specifically purchased for paint the radiators.

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