How to paint the ceiling

How to paint the ceiling

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How to paint the ceiling: the instructions for painting the ceiling of the house in full autonomy. From the materials necessary to the precautions to be taken to act safely.

When you decide topaint the interior wallsof the house, you have to continue gradually. First of all it will be necessary to make an assessment of the health of the wall: in very old houses or to improve the energy efficiency of the house, it may be necessary to redo the plaster for the insertion of insulating panels. Typically, beforepainting the interior walls of the housewe simply remove a few nails or hooks and fill the holes with putty to be sanded and repainted when it is completely dry.

An equally fundamental step is to protect all the furnishing accessories in the house.

How to paint the ceiling, step 1

Before you startpaint the ceiling, move the furniture where they cannot get in your way and cover them with a plastic sheet to be fixed to the ground with adhesive tape. Doors and windows must also be covered at theceilingfrompaintas well as chandeliers and skylights.

Protect the floor by covering it with paper rolls. If your floor is parquet, it is best to protect it with felt rolls that are sold in DIY stores for this purpose.

In this preliminary phase, you will need:

  • protective sheets of plastic
  • packing tape
  • protective adhesive rolls
  • protective paper rolls or felt rolls (for parquet)
  • ladder
  • sand paper
  • expendable overalls or work clothes

How to paint the ceiling, step 2

For the actual do-it-yourself work you will need materials more or less specific to your needs: if there are holes, cracks or cracks in the ceiling (perhaps left by the old chandelier or a duct that no longer exists) you will need putty and spatula. If the cracks or crevices are wider than 3 cm, buy a specific putty for "large cracks". In this second preliminary phase you will need:

  • brush
  • putty (in fine paste or for large cracks)
  • spatula
  • 240 grit sandpaper
  • sponge

How to fill the cracks?

With the brush, carefully clean the hole eliminating any dust. The dust, unfortunately, prevents the adhesion of the grout so clean it well. Apply the grout with the help of a spatula. Press hard (the grout tends to shrink when it dries) and only after waiting for the drying time to sand with 240 grit sandpaper. Remove the dust with a damp sponge.

Paint a moldy ceiling

If the ceiling is affected by mold, remove the mold using an anti-mold cleaner and in case of cracks, use a paste putty with anti-mold formulation. Purchase an anti-mold product such asAriasana Smuffer, this anti-mold liquid has a light lemon scent. It succeeds in get rid of mold in a few minutes, it is also effective against algae, mosses and other microorganisms that propagate with spores. Excellent for removing the black mold from the shower seal and tile grout. In addition to the liquid anti-mold spray to be applied before painting the ceiling, you will need to choose specific interior paints to prevent mold to be applied after applying a coat of anti-mold fixative(as well as the cleaner, there are different types on the market). If mold is a recurring problem, double check the ceiling covers and take action ahead of the problem.

How to paint the ceiling, step 3

To reach theceilingyou can use a ladder or aroller with pole which will allow you to spread the paint by tessa. We start painting on the part of the ceiling that is closest to the window.

Pour the paint into a bucket following the dilutions indicated on the label. To paint theceilingit is advisable to use the roller to slide first on a special grid in order to avoid dirtying anything with the excess paint that drips from the roller.

Therepainting on the ceilingshould be laid out aStripesslightly overlapping. For the corner area, use a ladder and a small brush.

During breaks, wrap your brushes or rollers in cling film (such as food grade) to prevent the paint from drying out.

If you have topaint whitea ceiling that was previously colored, you have to buy a super-covering paint otherwise you will be forced to apply dozens of coats of paint to cover the old color!

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