Driving license for the tractor, all the info

Driving license for the tractor, all the info

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Driving license for tractor: cost of the driving license for the agricultural tractor. License for individuals or for specialized operators, how much it costs and the procedure to follow to comply.

Theredriving license for the tractorwas introduced with the Agreement betweenGovernment, Regions and Provincesof 22 February 2012. The law was made effective with the Official Gazette no. 60 of 12 March 2012.

There are many doubts that arise about the obligation and issue of the license for individuals and sector operators, as many doubts arise about the cost of the qualification and the issuing courses. On this page we will try to shed some light by examining all the salient points of the provision.

The license is valid for 5 years, so every 5 years the license to drive the tractor must be renewed.

Although we commonly call it a driving license or license, it is not a driving license but a Professional qualification for the use of an agricultural machine.

Tractor license, for those who are required

Thelicensefor thetractoris mandatory because thedriving license Bit is not considered sufficient for those who drive afarm tractor. Theredriving license for the tractoris issued following the acquisition of specific notions on the use of the tractor in the workplace.

N.B .: we wrote "in the workplace ". Thelicense for tractorit is notobligatoryfor the private who use the tractor on their property, for example, for the transport of firewood or for cleaning the vegetable garden.

The aforementioned State-Regions agreement of 22.02.2012, which provides for this obligation, is in fact taken in relation to the provisions of art. 73 paragraph 4 and 5 of Legislative Decree. 81/2008, legislation concerning the obligation of training in the workplace.

Tractor license, how much does it cost

Thecostof thelicense(license to drive agricultural tractors) It can change. Typically, the costrequired amounts to 160 euros for the one-day course and 100 for the half-day course.

The qualification to drive agricultural tractors was created to ensure greater protection of safety in the workplace and for this reason two types of courses were provided, one for obtaining the qualification and one for updating dedicated tofarmerswho already use the tractor.

The courses for the release of thedriving license for the tractorthey are organized by public bodies such asRegions, Autonomous Provinces, Ministry of Labor or Inail, even employers' associations, professional associations and accredited private entities can organize courses for the issue of thetractor license; it is for this reason that a fixed price has not been defined.

The cost it can vary significantly between organ and organ, so we advise you to carry out a market survey in person, by calling the various organizing bodies of the course and asking for the cost of release.

Courses for the issue of the tractor license

For first-time users of atractor there is an obligation to attend a training course that includes both theoretical and practical notions. This course lasts 8 hours.

For those who already have experience and use thetractorfor at least two years (from the date required by law, therefore two years prior to 21-12-2015) there has been an obligation to attend a refresher course of only 4 hours. The refresher course is followed by the release of thedriving license for the tractorbut must be followed by March 13, 2017.

Previous experience must becertified. This is why many users wonder about the type ofself-certification to obtain the license to drive the tractor. More than a self-certification, previous experience must be documented with onesubstitutive declaration of deed of notoriety. For the self-declaration, we recommend that you contact the trade associations dedicated to agricultural professions.

Only self-employed workers and employers "users" of the tractor can access the 4-hour refresher course. The self-declaration must certify the availability of a tractor in the company, the driving experience and that the work has always been carried out within the company production cycle.

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