Mother's Day: 10 green gift ideas

Mother's Day: 10 green gift ideas

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Mother's Day, a civil festival that is celebrated in some way all over the world. It is not always the same day everywhere, a curious occasion to celebrate it several times Mother's Day traveling, and to understand how each country understands this anniversary. With more dates, however, there are no excuses to forget a thought to mom, and it can only be green: who to entrust us, in fact, if not to Mother Nature?

Mother's Day: origins

In Italy the Mother's Day it is the result of the family policy of the Fascist era, in fact the first attempts to celebrate it date back to 1933, in truth the idea had long been in the minds of populations all over the world. The true origins of the Mother's Day they seem linked to the will of the ancient polytheistic populations to dedicate a moment a year only to female deities linked to the earth and its newfound fertility.

The tradition was revived in ancient Greece with celebrations in honor of the goddess Rhea, mother of all gods, and in ancient Rome with a whole week in honor of the divinity Cybele, a symbol of Nature and all mothers.
The ancestor of the Mother's Day and the National Day of Mother and Child, celebrated for the first time on 24 December 1933, connected with Christmas and an explicit signal of the political line of the fascist pro-family government. In fact, on the occasion, the most prolific mothers in Italy were rewarded.

There Mother's Day began to move in May in the mid-fifties: in 1956, Raul Zaccari, senator and mayor of Bordighera began celebrating it on the second Sunday of May 1956 in the Zeni Theater of his city. The following year, Fr Otello Migliosi, parish priest of Tordibetto di Assisi, celebrated it with a completely different meaning, obviously religious, in this case, but always in May.

Thus on 18 December 1958 a bill to set up Mother's Day and after quite a few discussions, it was approved. First on the 8th of May, then every second Sunday in May since 2000: the idea was changed in the race to adapt, coincidentally, to the United States.

Mother's Day: when it occurs

As we have explained, after various events, we have come to celebrate the Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May, starting from Christmas Eve. This anniversary, however, seems very fickle and, hoping that Italy will not change the date again - May with roses is perfect for Mother Nature - just look beyond the border to have other dates and risk confusion.

There is, in fact, and who knows if there will ever be, a single day of the year that unites all the countries that have the Mother's Day. March is the most popular month: San Marino always celebrates March 15, for example, Slovenia on March 25 and Albania on March 8. With us, in May, they are there Switzerland, Slovakia, Croatia, the United States, Malta and Japan, all lined up and punctual on the second Sunday of May, Poland remains in May but has settled on 26.

Mother's Day around the world

Already the variety of dates makes us understand how the Mother's Day is a recurrence with free interpretation, unlike many others. And perhaps this is also part of the charm of this occasion that can be transformed into an opportunity. For some commercial, of course, how to deny it, but for others also civil, social, religious, of peace, of rights, of vindication ... or simply of maternal love.

Before Italy, to introduce the Mother's Day in their own calendar, each in their own way, with culturally different paths, were Switzerland in 1917, Finland in 1918, Norway and Sweden in 1919, Germany in 1923 and Austria in 1924. We are not among the first but we got there too, in our own way, in the pause between the two world wars and in full fascist regime.

Curious to investigate how each country has come to establish the Mother's Day and why . Two curious examples with a rather original history are the English and the American ones.

In England, the idea of ​​honoring the figure of the mother on a particular day dates back to the seventeenth century but with a very different meaning from the current one. There Mother's Day, the "Mother's Day" was called "Mothering Sunday", it fell on the fourth Sunday of Lent, and it was the day on which all the children who lived far from their families, to learn a trade or to earn a living, return home for a day. From the mother, in fact.

The story that gave birth to the United States is quite different Mother's Day: overseas the idea of ​​"Mothering Sunday" has not caught on and it is thanks to pacifist ideals and two particularly activist and enterprising daughters that today we celebrate the Mother's Day. The first attempt is in fact linked to social movements that asked for suffrage from women and preached peace: we are in May 1870 and Julia Ward Howe, a pacifist, is active in the establishment of Mother's Day.

The company and the government do not seem very convinced, so Anna M. Jarvis, after the death of her activist mother, tries again, years later, asking for a national holiday dedicated to all mothers to be established. In May 1908, in Grafton, Massachusetts, here is the first Mother's Day "made in USA" whose symbol immediately became the carnation: favorite flower of the late mother of Julia W.H.

Mother's Day: 10 green gift ideas

The thought thought, for the Mother's Day it takes, if we want to add the classic "little thought", let's make it green. Useful, ecological and that suggests a lifestyle in harmony with the birthday girl Mother Nature.If she loves memories and home, maybe she already has some granddaughters that she proudly shows to her friends, that's it a desk photo tree in black or white version. Simple and stylish, it is perfect for hosting the best family or travel photos. At 20 euros, I'd give it white, mothers like it better, it's more sunny at home.

For a mother who, instead of taking refuge in memories, is a sporty type and goes for a jog or walk in the park with her friends, there is a headband and practice why take your mobile phone with you, to listen to the radio, music or call…. we! At 8 euros it is very popular even if you do not run like professionals but walk your dog in the countryside.

If he does not run but pedal, for the Mother's Day, ours can appreciate a wicker bicycle basket, vintage style, perfect for both the city and for trips out of town. It will never be out of place, on the contrary, always comfortable and elegant.

Returning home, a good herbal tea is the best way to relax, and the top of the top is Kusmi Tea - Kashmir Tchaï Tea: a super pack of 38 euros will be enough for months and months, relaxation assured, also to offer to friends. The nice ones, because it is a fine tea.

To sip it thinking about who gave it to him, we can associate one funny mug with a Victorian woman and the inscription “Yummy Mummy“, In line with the Mother's Day, at 10 euros, with the words “Yummy Mummy”. I find it very original, it plays down chic tea.

Always for personal relaxation, today a precious gift and always right with the times, we can also think of a wooden massager (15 euros) perfect for both legs, back and neck. It is designed to increase circulation in sore muscles but also just to relieve tension. It is done by roll and will not pass it on to anyone once tried.

If he is not a "massage type" he will at least be a cream one, and then here it is that of Poppy, for the body, excellent with the arrival of summer, at 18 euros.

Speaking of poppies, another green and seasonal gift concerns flowers: a book to fill your terrace or garden with colors and scents. At 20 euros the guide with over 100 cards of plants and flowers to choose from, by Edagricole: “Terrace and balcony plants. Expert advice for flowered terraces and balconies ".

For women who are already practical, who could be offended by the guide, it is better to opt for the garden set, complete and comfortable, at 17 euros, because it is not true that the neighbor's grass is always greener. Not in the Mother's Day.

The gift that never disappoints is this: a book of tasty and above all sweet recipes. So the hug and attention we dedicate to mum at her party will be unforgettable and mouth-watering. The title is "Vegan sweets. Small vegan pastry manual: all the basics and many easy recipes ". (Gribaudo Editions - 15 euros). There is no mother, omnivore or vegetarian, who will be able to resist this goodness.

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