Adjust the bike brakes

Adjust the bike brakes

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How to adjust the bike brakes: instructions for adjusting the brakes of mountain bikes, racing bikes, traditional brakes and v-brakes.

Adjust V-Brake type bike brakes

On manycity ​​bikeof the latest generation, the braking systemV-brakehas supplanted the traditional brakescantilever. The V-brake allows the adjustment of the shoe and the internal spring of the brake.

The internal spring of the brake is adjusted by means of a second grain located at the lowest end of the brake. The adjustment of the internal spring allows us to increase or decrease the resistance we encounter on the lever during braking.

The adjustment of the shoe must be performed using a side cap, you will need an Allen key with a diameter of 4, 5 or 6, depending on the model.

Another possible adjustment is the one that adjusts the distance between the brake pad and the wheel rim. The adjustment must be made by acting directly on the brake lever, at the end there is a register consisting of two parts, a moving part that comes into contact with the brake lever sheath, and an independent ring nut. By unscrewing this adjuster counterclockwise, you will increase the tension and bring the pad closer to the rim. For all the detailed information on how to adjust v-brakes I recommend you see the video below.

Adjust racing bike brakes

The tools foradjust the brakes of a racing bikethey are the same used for the adjustment of the V-brake. Let's say that adjusting the brakes on a racing bike is not very different from doing it on onemtbor any bike with traditional brakescantilever, what changes is the braking readiness.

What do you need for regular bike brakes? A set of Allen keys and, on some models, a small cruciform screwdriver (Phillips screwdriver).

The effectiveness of braking on a bicycle is dictated by various factors such as:

  • rim efficiency
    the wheel must not be deformed
  • wear of the skate
    the surface must not be smooth but have control grooves
  • brake pads well aligned
    the tip of the shoe must be slightly inclined
  • well spaced brake pads
    the pads must be at the right distance from the rim

Also in this case, to make the adjustment easier for you, we refer you to a video.

Adjust bike brakes

Before starting the adjustment of thebrakesof any bike, remember that if the skate is worn you will have to replace it.

If, despite the adjustment, the braking is not efficient, check the stability of the rim. Screw the rim firmly and tighten the wheel. Even the assembly of the bike wheel must be done with the utmost care. Turn the rim, if you notice that the wheel approaches and moves away from the brake pad, you will have to disassemble the wheel and perform a perfectcentering. If the rim is very deformed you will have to replace it. Before adjustment, clean the brake pad.

Adjusting the brakes becomes more cumbersome to explain for mtb. On mountain bikes you can find hub brakes, nexus type brakes, pad brakes, double caliper brakes, roller brakes… in this case we invite you to read the bicycle maintenance booklet.

Other bike maintenance

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Video: How The Hydraulic Brakes Work On A Bike. Not Only For Newbies. (July 2022).


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