Above ground pools

Above ground pools

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Above ground pools, some may not even know they exist, others have never wondered, the rest want to have one but don't know how to do it. Here, below, is the information for all three categories: let's take a dip in the above ground pools and see what it is.

Certainly, at first glance, the above ground pools they are a great option for enrich our garden, do not dig the ground with all the disturbance that this operation implies, and brighten our days. Refreshing mind and body in a summer that has just begun but promises to be "hot".

For information on maintenance: above ground pool maintenance.

Above ground pools: advantages

If, thinking of a villa with swimming pool, we have always imagined the classic house and its blue basin next to it, as the only desirable possibility, now this is not the case. Or rather, it is not the only possibility, there are Above ground pools is have all the cards to be chosen instead of.

One of the advantages of this version of the swimming pool catches the eye immediately, and it's just a matter of the eye. Refined and elegant, an above ground pool decorates the garden with style. And in full respect of the already existing elements that are plants, porches, garden furniture, dog and cat and… mother-in-law on an armchair? When they choose the above ground pools you avoid large excavations, your lawn remains safe and sound and it will not be the only one, I imagine, to be happy about it.

The Above ground pools they are also very comfortable and practical, a small paradise to be assembled in the garden from nothing, to be desired while we return home in the heat, and to take refuge in full relaxation as soon as you cross the gate. Not to mention that, if we are fans of Sunday grills, vegan or not, we want to discuss the appeal that one gives above ground pool to the environment? The guests won't want to leave your garden anymore.

I kept it for last but it is one of the first advantages you think about choosing the Above ground pools. Saving as well as land, money. Not only for the avoided excavation but also because there is no need for building permits or authorizations from the Municipality.

If we want to take full advantage on all fronts thanks to the above ground pools, let's roll up our sleeves and build one ourselves. Not so on the spot and alone, there is Poolmaster who has years of experience and will know how to guide you. Who is it? We find out soon, but first let's see what we're talking about when we talk about Above ground pools.

Above ground pools: characteristics

If to build one inground pool, you need to be an expert, for Above ground pools DIY is possible, indeed, it will give us great satisfaction. And let's not imagine an exterior made of plastic, not particularly pleasing to the eye: as I explained, aesthetics is a strong point of this aquatic solution and it is thanks to the wood cladding or yes in plastic but brick effect , of great class.

Above ground pools so they can have a depth of about 120-150 cm but with the most varied shapes. Do we want it oval? Or a circle worthy of Giotto? There are also those who prefer angular geometries and then space for rectangular and square. Trivial? Let's do one octagonal pool.

Beyond the six-sided number, the Above ground pools they are almost always made up of a PVC sheet resistant to chemical agents and UV rays supported by a load-bearing steel structure. This is the "secret" that will allow us to leave them in the garden all year round. Sure, they need to be covered, but then they easily resist the rain and frost, even if we have chosen wooden structures, wood that will not even suffer from the attack of insects.

Above ground pools: where to mount them

Decided for one of the many types of Above ground pools, let's think about where to put it in our garden. It is certainly at our discretion but some advice does not hurt. Poolmaster leaves us free to place it in the center, on the back, next to the dog's bed or under the bedroom window. Kindly, and luckily, as we don't mount Above ground pools every day like them, he points out that the area must be completely flat and away from trees. On the flat, the reasons are obvious, on the trees, someone could have planned a semi-shaded pool by a majestic tree mirrored in the blue.

Nice, perhaps, but then it would touch us clean the water continuously from the leaves. Waste of time, water, any cleaning products.

Another useful condition is proximity to a drain well, so we can use the force of gravity to empty the pool. Again, in the name of the least possible waste of time and energy. Now we just have to choose our model of above ground pool and in less than two hours from its arrival at home, we will have it mounted and we will be ready to fill it for first dive "above ground"!

Above ground pools: Poolmaster

Poolmaster is our mentor as regards the Above ground pools. And we didn't choose it at random. Just take a look at the images and its website to understand that from this company we can expect to safely buy above ground pools that are in pvc, sheet metal and covered in wood or plastic with a stone or antique brick effect.

100% Italian, this dealer has a long-term experience and is always on the crest of the wave when it comes to materials. It chooses and researches the most innovative, so that they are aesthetically pleasing but also unalterable, in order to guarantee a long life to Above ground pools.

When we decide to build one by purchasing all the kit to mount it yourself we can also ask for advice on the material if we have any doubts, as it is also a technical question and not just an artistic one as perhaps the form.

With the Poolmaster kit we get the complete coating structure, the Skimmer kit fixed with hook (skimmer, nozzles, clamps and Teflon), the sand filtering group, the pool-filter connection kit, the Standard cleaning kit (9 mt. of hose, telescopic rod and suction broom), and sand for filter.

Then it's our turn, but there is always a customer service Poolmaster that punctual, efficient and extremely professional. Both for maintenance and for the care of ours above ground pool stay by our side and with maximum punctuality.

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