Holly: plant and cultivation

Holly: plant and cultivation

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Holly, a lucky charm since ancient times and the only plant that even the poorest could afford to give a touch of color and festive air in their homes. A plant with an important role, not so difficult to grow and with many particularities that do not immediately catch the eye. It is a false simpleton, e has a big heart, this species, even if it stings.

Holly: plant

It can be a shrub, theHolly or tree and reach up to 10 m, it maintains a pyramidal crown and grows spontaneously in Italy. Its bark is smooth gray, greenish branches with leaves that live for a whole year and not all renew themselves at the same time. Here's the trick: many are those who believe thatHolly is an evergreen plant, instead it is just a little confusing.

In addition to the uncoordinated rhythms, the leaves can always be of various appearance, mainly bright dark green, but then we find variegated white, cream or yellow ones, and in the shape both oval and elliptical, leathery, with thorny margin if positioned at the bottom. The Holly it is recognized for its shiny hair but also has flowers, small, white and gathered in bundles each with 4 petals of white or pink color.

Holly: cultivation

A few hours a day of sunlight are enough and theHolly he is more than satisfied: he is not a pretentious type and should only be watered when the soil is almost totally dry. Without creating the nightmare of checking every time that comes to mind, we can consider an average of once a week and if we don't live in a strange microclimate, this plant will be fine. When in doubt, we avoid excesses.

In spring you can proceed with fertilization, preferably rich in nitrogen: here we cannot be distracted but the rhythm is about once every 10 days. Regarding the positioning of ours Holly plant the one in semi-shaded areas is the best but in general it does not suffer from heat or cold. Sure, as long as we don't leave it to freeze in sub-zero temperatures.

The planting must take place at the end of winter and if it is in a pot, this plant must be watered as much as it usually reproduces by cutting. Doing the due superstitions, as regards the diseases, to fear there are the rust and the cochineal. The latter is a parasite, it dries up the leaves and then everything the Holly because it feeds on its sap. Rust, on the other hand, is a fungus and can be recognized because it causes yellowish or dark spots to appear on the leaves above.

Holly: pruning

I don't know who might want to prune theHolly, perhaps more than anything else branches are taken to decorate the house during the Christmas period, but to prune…. it is not absolutely necessary. It grows so slowly that it is enough to adjust the shape every now and then. There are those who love symmetry and can occasionally check if it is respected and remedy but twice a year, no more.

Usually, indeed, it is recommended to carry out one at the beginning of summer, around June, respecting the development phases of the plant, and another time around August. The flowering period for theHolly which then produces flowers throughout the autumn, when others stop. They are clustered, small, usually pure white or off-white.

Holly: healing properties

Although the stereotype of a Christmas decoration plant cannot be unstuck, theHolly it also proudly maintains its healing properties. Since time immemorial it has been thought that it can drive away bad luck from homes, evil spirits and people's backbiting by ensuring that serenity reigns. Not only that: his dried leaves they can become an excellent ingredient for a infusion that makes us relax. To find out more I recommend my article "Holly: properties and benefits“.

Holly: where to buy it

Just to ensure serenity and chase away gossip, I would buy a small holly plant for just over 3 euros. Technically it is called Ilex Aquifolium Major, comes in a small pot with a diameter of 15 centimeters but if well cultivated it can give satisfactions, if not this Christmas, maybe for the next one.

Potted holly: pictures

Finally, a roundup of images ofHolly in all its richness of variety. Not all of it, we have to imagine it a bit, or we can get to know it by going to a live nursery and choosing our protective plant in person.

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