Save on your bill by walking with Engie

Save on your bill by walking with Engie

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Save on your bill walking with Engie, an app that cares about the health of its users. Engie is not a rich friend who pays the bill for us, no, but she is one innovative technological solution which does so much more. Not only does it do us save, economically, but encourages us to keep fit by challenging us, good-naturedly, to do that "tot" of motion a day that we sometimes forget to do. Or we postpone.

Who knows with the idea that it is possible Save on your bill by walking with Engie, the four daily steps do not become a beautiful virtuous habit, pleasant and convenient. Let's see how it works Engie and let's get involved. IS on the way.

Now that thefree app ENGIE - Electricity, Gas and Services has been enhanced by this new feature Engie fit, our smartphone challenges us to walk and reach the target number of steps, then rewards our efforts by offering us a discount on the bill. Does walking pay? This time whoever walks more pays less.

Everyone can take advantage of this new opportunity to keep fit and save, Engie Fit is available allows you to receive bonus on the bill as a reward for achieving certain health goals to anyone with an Android smartphone and an iPhone. They are compatible with Engie Fit specifically Android Smartphone with installed and activated Google Fit. Or with Smartphone iPhone 5s and higher, with OS higher than 7: in this case you need to link your account to Apple Health. Windows smartphones are not compatible.

How does it work

To access Engie and let yourself be challenged, just download the App and then walk while burning energy to save on electricity costs. Light and Gas. Engie connects with Google Fit or Apple Health to count our steps and, without cheating - neither we nor her - as soon as we reach the goal set by the game, make sure that we can receive one discount on the bill. It is a sort of bonus, discount credits in euros paid into the bill every time we accept and win the challenge.

After the goal that is proposed from time to time to save on the bill, the bonus has been redeemed, therefore, it is necessary to wait for the processing by Engie who, at a brisk pace, like us too, will do everything possible to credit us the bonus in the first useful bill. Anyhow within 6 months from the redemption operation.

It is up to us, challenge after challenge, step by step, to keep up to date on objectives that Engie proposes to us and the resulting savings. For example, it may ask us if we are able to keep an average of 6,000 steps per day for fifteen days, at that point we will only have to prove it to him with facts and then enjoy the deserved prize. We will not find "mission impossible" but accessible to everyone: the idea is not to train small marathon champions but to give us the opportunity to combine well-being and savings, rewarding good, healthy and green habits.

The promise of the savings on your bill it is undoubtedly an excellent bait: even the lazy ones I bet that reading here they will jump in their comfortable chairs and get up at the call of the word "bonus".

It can be done for the mere saving, but for those who also want a more enlightened, green reason, linked to a quality of life perspective, take into account that walking at least 30 minutes a day is good for you to psycho-physical health, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stimulates creativity.

I am ready to bet that even those who are a little listless will set out thinking about bonus on the bill, step by step as well as the fullest wallet, in your pocket, you will also feel the effects of the daily stroll, in terms of mood and fitness. This is one important green challenge even if not immediately monetizable.

Fitness on the web in Italy

Before running - but just walk - to accept Engie's challenges, an overview of the increasing attention that we Italians devote to fitness solutions on the web. Growth is evident and continuous and Engie fits in with perfect timing in a landscape that presents excellent opportunities and promises equally virtuous ones.

More than 7%, already today, the Italians who use app to perform and monitor your physical exercises daily and / or weekly and another 10% are interested and could join the previous "technological sportsmen" overnight.

The apps that offer services and tools related to sports and exercise, when they like, reach more than one million users. I don't know if all of these, one by one, know it, butWorld Health Organization recommends walking for about an hour a day to keep fit. If 10,000 steps a day are good for the heart and muscles, by default, with Engie Fit do also save on your bill.

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