Ginger decoction: properties and benefits

Ginger decoction: properties and benefits

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Ginger decoction, a drink to be sipped with taste, letting it act with its many properties. Also called ginger, ginger is the root of a plant that is part of the cardamom family and as a spice it is widely used for treat colds and toothache. It comes from South Asia and in our cups, hot or cold, it comes to give us relief. Let's find out how and why. And the DIY recipe, also excellent in summer. Already in Roman times there was talk of the benefits of Ginger decoction.

Ginger decoction: properties

With its typical spicy flavor, the Ginger decoction and ginger itself, are shown to be able to drive out any sensation of cold from our body even if we have accumulated it for hours and hours. Not only that: this drink is also good for the blood and the nervous system, thanks to its anti-convulsive and analgesic properties.

According to the Chinese tradition, which often gives us pearls of wisdom and panacea recipes, the Ginger decoction it also has a stimulating action and fights fatigue and stress. By promoting blood circulation, it is also considered a remedy or at least an adjuvant contribution to combat male impotence.

Among the many properties of this root and of the decoction that is easily obtained from it, as we will see, there are also those related to antioxidant enzymes and substances such as gingerol and it shogaolo. These elements we take on when we sip a Ginger decoction they promote digestion, are effective against nausea and aid digestion.

In particular they are able to enhance the process of assimilation of proteins and carbohydrates. Thegas-reducing effect, a property that also has ginger when it is an ingredient in recipes, to learn about its properties I recommend the article "Ginger: properties“.

Ginger decoction: benefits

Excellent because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, the Ginger decoction in many cases it is also appreciated as a drink to dry excess fluids accumulated from the body. In the autumn and winter season, it is one of the best natural and tasty remedies when you run into one of those frequent ones sore throat or in the cold, even when it is accompanied by a catarrhal cough.

Rhinitis and obstruction of the nasal septum are also problems that can pass quickly if you get into the habit of consuming Ginger decoction every day, in the recommended doses. I say this because it is so useful and rich in properties but despite, indeed, precisely because it is powerful, the ginger and the recipes that see it as protagonist, Ginger decoction first of all, they are in some cases absolutely to be avoided.

For example if you suffer from gastritis or stomach ulcers and irritations. Even pregnant women cannot consume this good natural drink which sometimes aggravates the presence of gallstones. In general it is always better to consult your doctor, especially if you are about to start particular diets or to introduce this spice out of the blue.

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Ginger decoction: how to prepare it

Let's get half ginger root and a clove of garlic, placing them first, to prepare a decoction of ginger, in a cup full of water. We boil everything for about ten minutes, with the lid on, then let the mixture cool. It is recommended, for the taste but also for the energy contribution, a spoonful of honey, eucalyptus, perfect for colds and sore throats, or Acacia.

Before drinking the Ginger decoction filtering must be carried out, as regards the doses recommended are two - four cups every day. We can also use ginger root peeled and grated, it changes little, it should always be boiled to get a good quality Ginger decoction to flavor with a pinch of ground chilli and ground cinnamon and leave to rest. The garlic can be added later, if you like, and then filtered through a sieve and enjoy to combat sore throat, cold or sudden fatigue. Or to digest.

Decoction of ginger and lemon

It is known, for those who use and appreciate ginger, that this root together with lemon gives us a very pleasant flavor, but not only. Both ingredients we find in a Decoction of ginger and lemon, have beneficial properties, together they are a doubly effective and always natural remedy.

Ginger has a well known and appreciated anti-inflammatory power digestive and anti-nausea effect, a little spicy, moreover, stimulate attention and brain activity. The lemon for its part, like that rich in vitamin C and natural antioxidant, from a valuable contribution in a Ginger decoction and helps the assimilation of iron. Like ginger, it facilitates digestion.

To prepare a Decoction of ginger and lemon you use the procedure I have already described, taking into account using a cup of water each and adding one slice of ginger. Alternatively, grated ginger is also fine, the equivalent in quantity is about half a teaspoon. Once the decoction rests, the juice of one lemon is added.

Fresh ginger decoction

With or without the touch of lemon, the Ginger decoction it should preferably be drunk on an empty stomach, in the morning, for example, or if you prefer to do it more calmly, in the evening before bed. If given the chance, a cup of this beneficial drink would be a perfect green excuse to have a pleasant and "pinch" afternoon break.

Only with ginger, or with lemon which together doubly they stimulate digestion, improve attention, purify the body, help the immune system. If the decoction is not our favorite option but the idea of ​​these two powerful ingredients attracts us, we can experiment with them in centrifuged. In both cases you can enjoy one caffeine-free drink which can be suitable in the summer, cool.

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