How to travel to change your life: Human Destination

How to travel to change your life: Human Destination

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How to travel to change your life, he tells us Human Destination. He has been doing it for some time, in truth, but for this summer 2016, he reiterates it with a guide. A book, as well as a guide, because "Human Destination - The travel guide to change your life", Published by Giraldi Editore), can be browsed even without the idea of ​​packing.

Learn How to travel to change your life it is important beyond the intention to move or embark on a journey, it is a sort of mental status that Human Destination well tells. It is the first portal and tour operator in the world, in fact, which had the courage to take all the stereotypes related to travel and to send them to the air to make up its idea of ​​travel. Which includes, indeed, is based on a goal: asking oneself How to travel to change your life and answer each other.

Those who turn to Human Destination, therefore, can dream that they are asked, as traditionally happens, the desired destination, the question for those who want to travel to change their lives is: "Who do you want to know?".

The project and the book they tell us How to travel to change your life designed and maintained by Silvia Salmeri, founder of the tour operator, by her colleague Silvia Bernardi and by the journalist Silvia Santachiara. The 400 pages that are waiting to be browsed to make us change our lives, are divided into four sections corresponding to the main thematic strands of the philosophy of Human Destination: Change, Innovation, Rurality and Spirituality.

Divided by themes, all the stories told in this travel guide to change your life are all inspiring, there are over sixty and many have a 100% or almost green heart. Already the idea of ​​learning How to travel to change your life it is green, understood as a revolution that can lead us to more natural lands. Natural in the strict sense, with flora and fauna that dominate, but also natural as a place where we can be more natural, more ourselves, respectful of the environment and also of ourselves and our nature.

Here is how this book should be read, where we will find many tips on how to implement our plan of change towards nature, and our nature. Tips for those with their feet on the ground and well-meaning to know How to travel to change your life and then do it, then information on accommodation facilities, farmhouses, b & bs, hostels, holiday homes, inns, which are part of the project.

Among the stories of men and women told by Human Destination, there is no lack of examples that no one forbids us to imitate, especially in what emerges as an approach to the world, the environment and people: an attitude of openness, of encounter, of welcome. Tourist reception, yes, but not only, and above all for those who intend to travel to change their life.

Telling the positive changes, interview by interview, The travel guide to change your life it reminds us that it is not utopia to choose to leave the city and a job as a manager with a fixed salary to open a farm in the countryside, complete with a vegetable garden offering from the metropolis gasping arrives in search of nature, rooms that overlook hills and vineyards.

And the zero impact cottage? Another protagonist of this guide on How to travel to change your life and started from the "classic" inherited family home. Those who sell it, those who shamefully let it go to ruin, also damaging the environment in which it is inserted. And then there are those who have understood How to travel to change your life and turns it into a zero impact cottage.

The stories they weave the green and the "revolution" are numerous in this guide of Human Destination, and it is no accident at all. Let's pay attention. For those who fear that the book is some sort of inspiring self-help guide with their head in the air and their feet too, the answer is no, it isn't.

Interviews tell stories, but they give concrete indications on the realities encountered indicating where, how, what to do together, at each Human Destination.

In addition to discovering yourself and your dreams, read How to travel to change your life it is also the opportunity to discover Italy in a totally innovative way, an energetic and lively Italy, with more heart than it sometimes seems, with a green heart that awaits only aware tourists and open to authentic encounters.

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