Pumi dog: character and breeding

Pumi dog: character and breeding

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Pumi dog, the most recent of the Hungarian shepherds, at home it is called Pumi Kutya and he is not yet well known in Italy despite his friendly air and excellent sociable disposition. So let's give it a hand by telling its characteristics since it is little represented in dog shows.

He has always been involved in keeping flocks but no one can deny his exceptional aesthetic and character qualities that make him a more than welcome companion dog. Its name most likely derives from "Pomeranian", Historical region of central Europe.

Pumi dog: origins

This curly breed appeared in Hungary around the 17th-18th century and is said to be the result of a cross between the primitive Puli with dogs of the Terrier type, all with erect ears, imported from Germany and France.

The Pumi dog is a breed in itself only since the beginning of the 20th century, officially, because it was previously associated with Puli dog. Unfortunately, it is not possible to know more about the history of this beautiful dog, shrouded in a bit of mystery, perhaps because he was long alone in Hungary, starting to explore the rest of the continent recently.

Pumi dog: character

The character of the Pumi dog, it must be admitted to avoid surprises, it certainly is rather restless, not because hysterical or impatient, but because in constant motion. This evaluation depends on the degree of laziness of the owner, certainly not a dog for elderly people or for those who want a dog "ornament" or to lounge with him on the sofa in front of a movie.

With a Pumi dog forget it. However, it is an animal with great courage and, accustomed to herding large cattle, barks easily even in the house and in the city. It can annoy but also be useful if you want a guard dog and a companion dog at the same time.

Lively, bold and attentive, the Pumi dog he has a prodigious sense of smell, he must be educated very well, however, because despite being small and harmless, he can be aggressive and grumpy with strangers. In the family, however, it is one cheerful and pleasant presence.

Pumi dog: puppies

The Pumi dog it is a medium-sized shepherd and when the puppies become adults they reach a maximum height of 40-44 cm at the withers. It depends on whether they are male or female but they do not exceed these measures. The most visible feature is the head: its snout has an elongated shape and the ears are particularly erect but folded at the tips.

The nose is dark and broad and the eyes are also generally dark, brown in color, with a very lively and attentive expression. And this was to be expected given the character of the Pumi dog. The body is proportionate and square, muscular without exaggerating, the neck is robust and the tail remains horizontal but carried curved over the loins.

Pumi dog: photo

From the photos we can clearly see that another peculiarity of the Pumi dog, not only his but also, is the hair, so thick! Not felted though. It has a medium length and the muzzle is clearly visible. IS multi-colored, never grizzled, consisting of a thick pile of weaving and a fine undercoat. When the coat is called "corded" it is because it is formed by uniform and tightly wavy hairs, with small curls so collected as to form a sort of long cords.

In the sections where the hair is longer ranging from 8 to 18 cm: on the rump for example, but also on the kidneys and thighs so as to almost touch the ground. On the head and feet, fortunately, the hair is a little shorter. Depending on the variety of the Pumi dog that we encounter, we can see black, black with reddish hues or various shades of gray. There is also the White Pumi dog, suggestive but rare.

Pumi dog: breeding

The only breeding that ENCI reports as official and recognized, to contact for Pumi dog is in the province of Padua and is called ItalianStyle. A modern and up-to-date website tells the story and the guests of this Venetian reality, but linked to Hungary at least for the origins of our Pumi dog.

Pumi dog: price

To find out the cost of a puppy's Pumi dog it is better to contact the breeding that I have indicated directly, trusting that ENCI mentions it as officially recognized. In general it is good to know the more recurring defects gods puppies that can be proposed to us. For this breed, for example, the smooth, short or non-corded coat, the depigmented nose, the badly carried tail or an aggressive or shy character are not appreciated.

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